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  • Outside financials & consumer, mkt struggling for ideas: Udayan

    Outside financials & consumer, mkt struggling for ideas: Udayan   

    Speaking to CNBC-TV18 Consulting Editor Udayan Mukherjee said that there is nothing one can do but to participate in this rally. The Nifty is close to its all-time high. “There is no point in second-guessing the market because t...

    06 Sep 2016, 9.31 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Liquidity is king in short-term but earnings worrying: Udayan   

    Speaking to CNBC-TV18 Consulting Editor Udayan Mukherjee believes that Axis Bank's poor numbers have been muted. He believes that in a different kind of a set-up, the bank would have fallen badly. The bank should trade below Rs 5...

    25 Jul 2016, 9.42 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • 2016 may see high volatility but no case for bear market: Udayan   

    After a year of consolidation, Indian equities are likely to continue to stay in a trading range, albeit with high volatility, believes CNBC-TV18 Consulting Editor Udayan Mukherjee.

    05 Jan 2016, 9.35 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Fed rate hike not a worry; but no hike will be: Udayan   

    CNBC-TV18 Consulting Editor Udayan Mukherjee on his thoughts over the likely Federal Reserve interest rate hike and why you should approach private banks only with "trepidation".

    15 Dec 2015, 10.07 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Next 6 wks key to mkt trend; bank, infra hope trades:Udayan   

    Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-TV18 does not mince words while conveying that India is not insulated from global problems and worries that retail investors' patience may run thin in the days to come.

    07 Sep 2015, 10.11 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Govt must tread carefully to avoid P-Note scare: Udayan   

    Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-TV18 says the P-Note scare had affected market in the past and the government should tread very carefully. Poor earnings, impending Bihar elections, deadlock over GST and now the P-Note are all negatives t...

    27 Jul 2015, 9.31 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Tuesday 'day of reckoning' for current rally: Udayan   

    CNBC-TV18 consulting editor Udayan Mukherjee believes the market has fully priced in a 25 basis points rate cut from the RBI on Tuesday and to move the needle further, a 50 points cut will be needed.

    01 Jun 2015, 9.22 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Don't rush to buy stocks; let prices come to you: Udayan   

    There is a possibility that the market may drift lower from the current levels, says Udayan Mukherjee. According to him, on the fundamental side, a “dangerous cocktail” of poor earnings and steep valuations could have contribu...

    30 Apr 2015, 9.00 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Don't buy stocks, let stocks come to you: Udayan Mukherjee   

    Given the run of play, for investors, it should be prudent to buy on sharp declines instead of chasing rallies, believes CNBC-TV18 consulting editor Udayan Mukherjee.

    17 Mar 2015, 9.44 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Buy on dips now to increase exposure in equities: Udayan   

    According to Udayan Mukherjee, there will be temporary bouts of correction in the market over the next five to six years but that shouldn’t scare investors.

    14 Mar 2015, 2.11 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Mkt to rally regardless of Budget; +ve on cyclicals: Udayan   

    The Union Budget that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented may be a market neutral event and the ongoing rally would likely continue on hopes that a structural upturn in the economy is a few quarters away, CNBC-TV18 consulting ...

    02 Mar 2015, 9.47 am  |  Source:

  • Budget 2015-16: Growth revival measures only vital parameter, says Udayan  

    Market expert Udayan Mukherjee says experts are talking about the fiscal deficit and ease of doing business or strong framework for corporate India, but none of them are as critical as the steps the government will take in order t...

    23 Feb 2015, 9.20 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Nifty may correct 10% if Union Budget disappoints: Udayan   

    Udayan Mukherjee says the Budget is proving a strong support for Nifty, which is trading ahead of itself. He says a 200-300 points correction would have been just fair given the way the corporate earnings have disappointed.

    05 Feb 2015, 9.31 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • See 3 more rate cuts in '15; mkt new all-time high: Udayan   

    Apart from financials like banks and NBFCs, Mukherjee is also bullish on manufacturing and capex-related companies. He believes a 25 bps rate cut by the central bank will benefit a couple of such companies going ahead.

    15 Jan 2015, 9.47 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • China could spoil India's FII party; like banks: Udayan   

    China's outperformance against peers is getting more pronounced now. Foreign investors have made money both in India and China, so a portfolio shift from India to China seems to be the only worry.

    05 Dec 2014, 10.13 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • This upcycle will likely last five or six Diwalis: Udayan   

    Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-TV18 said that retail investor had been coming back into the market after five or six years and added that a large section of investors who did not participate in the 2003-2007 bull run should now look to ...

    25 Oct 2014, 4.12 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Why this bull market is better than previous ones    

    CNBC-TV18's Udayan Mukherjee says it is heartening to see that the market, while it makes new highs almost every other day, is punishing stocks for faltering fundamentals.

    05 Sep 2014, 10.28 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Nifty to hit 9000 before next Union Budget   

    On the global front, liquidity continues to be strong and volatility is low. Good news from the European Central Bank (ECB) in terms of rates can cheer global markets, CNBC-TV18’s Udayan Mukherjee says.

    01 Sep 2014, 9.36 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Geopolitical worries ebb, will Indian mkt resume uptrend?   

    The Q1 earnings season is almost over and has been digested by the market, barring a few disappointments. The RBI policy was a non-event. The focus would now be on reforms and positive announcements from Delhi and macro data, says...

    13 Aug 2014, 10.07 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Nifty looks fragile in near-term; 7450 key support: Udayan   

    CNBC-TV18's Udayan Mukherjee says the next 100-150 points are quite critical for the Nifty.

    11 Aug 2014, 10.29 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Mkt complacent right now; further correction likely: Udayan   

    If one believes that we are at the start or relatively at the start of a two-three year or a three-four year cycle for this market, then one must surely buy into dips, advises Udayan.

    02 Aug 2014, 1.16 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Healthy if mkt sees deep correction; focus on stock picks    

    A slightly deeper correction might actually be healthy for Indian market. That’s the word coming in from CNBC-TV18's Udayan Mukherjee, who believes real test will be the second half of the session.

    01 Aug 2014, 10.32 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Is this start of a golden decade for Indian equities?   

    “I don’t believe that most of this rally is played out and easy money is made. Money isn’t chasing stocks right now," Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-TV18 said.

    26 Jul 2014, 2.40 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • 'Don't avoid IT; buy auto ancillary, private banks on dips'   

    Nimble investors should use rally in public sector banks to short, CNBC-TV18's Udayan Mukherjee said.

    16 Jul 2014, 9.43 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Use this mkt fall to invest; midcaps, smallcaps may correct   

    "For the next few days the going could belong to some of those IT, pharmaceuticals, FMCG. As soon as the market begins to bottom out, one will see banks, the cyclicals coming back into vogue once again," Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-T...

    14 Jul 2014, 11.02 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Major pre-Budget rally unlikely: Udayan    

    Mukherjee says: "Talk about how much more can be achieved in the February Budget is exactly what the market will be looking for this time around because I think the market understands that the government hasn't had too much time r...

    30 Jun 2014, 12.31 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Not too late to indulge in juicy midcaps, smallcaps: Udayan   

    Those looking to bet on the boarder markets should consider high quality midcap and smallcap stocks, Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC-TV18 said. He suggests market participants to adopt a staggered approach to build midcap portfolio.

    27 Jun 2014, 9.36 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • See sizeable pre-Budget rally; stay away from gold for now   

    Udayan Mukherjee recommends investors to pare positions in gold and realty and focus on equities and fixed income.

    06 Jun 2014, 10.02 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • 'Increase equity exposure now; India to get more FII funds'   

    "In six years, 90 percent of the Indian population has been in fixed income. If you believe that things are slowly improving for India not just because of the election verdict then one has to include more risk in their portfolio,"...

    19 May 2014, 11.55 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Mkt consolidates in April; how will May pan out for Nifty?   

    Udayan Mukherjee sees a fairly big move in the Indian equity market and currency on May 16 or May 13 – the exit poll day.

    03 May 2014, 2.38 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

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