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List of cyclone names in the Indian Ocean

List of cyclone names in the Indian Ocean

Large scale destruction caused by Odisha cyclone in 1999 triggered the issue of naming tropical cyclones developed in the North Indian Ocean. As a result, naming conventions for storms that develop in the India Ocean began in 2004. WMO (World Meteorological Department) asked each of the eight south Asian member countries to submit a list of their own eight names for the cyclones.

Since then the names of the tropical cyclones are assigned from the common list prepared by the member countries. Below is the list:

Names Countries









Bangladesh Onil Ogni Nisha Giri Helen Chapala Ockhi Fani India Agni Akash Bijli Jal Lehar Megh Sagar Vayu Maldives Hibaru Gonu Aila Keila Madi Roanu Makunu Hikaa Myanmar Pyarr Yemyin Phyan Thane Na-Nauk Kyant Daye Kyarb Oman Baaz Sidr Ward Murjan Hudhud Nada Luban Maha Pakistan Fanoos Nargis Laila Nilam Nilofar Vardah Titli Bulbul Sri Lanka Mala Rashmi Bandu Mahasen Priya Asiri Gigum Soba Thailand Mukda Khai-muk Phet Phailin Komen Mora Phethai Amphan

In the event of all these above names getting exhausted, an additional list of storm names will be added by the eight south Asian countries.

Storm names till Lehar (named by India) have been used. The above list clearly suggests, the next cyclone /storm will be called Madi (by Maldives).

Weather models at Skymet show that there are chances of formation of another system in the Indian Ocean in the cyclone season (Oct-Dec). Cyclones which form in the month of December have major impact on Tamil Nadu.


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