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A trip for your man - don't paint it pink!

Men may be not from Mars but they are definitely not from Venus, so make sure their trips are planned with some insight.

Men may be not from Mars but they are definitely not from Venus, so make sure their trips are planned with some insight.

If you are about to gift or plan a special trip for your spouse, boyfriend, Dad or Son; there is only one good way to do it – make it ‘He’-styled. Here are some smart, never-out-of-fashion, and yet bespoke He-ideas you can pick from:

Caves and Cave Men

Men still retain primitive traits and habits of the Stone Age, for whatever reasons – nostalgic or genetic. So indulge these shades once in a while.

The hunter, the food procurer and the wild beast in the jungle - he thrives on testosterone. So if you can organize a barbeque picnic, great. Let them grill and play with coal. Don’t make them sit and eat ladies.

The Homo-Sapien version wants to fiddle with iron and handle their own skewers. Plus, it gives them a chance to gather up with boys and make some fireside chat.

Hunting is another historical DNA that can be of help. Let them go on a forest camping evening or book them an adventurous Safari. Anything wild and raw should draw them strongly. The appeal may work in different ways but most men love open air, dense woods and glades too – even the ones who spend their usual lives in neck-ties and suits.

Adventure can happen in many forms as long as they are free, on their own, with other men and doing something exciting. River-Rafting camps, spelunking huddles, rock-climbing crews, sleeping-bag parties, skiing trips, beach camp-outs – try whatever works for your budget and geography.

Free-winged Birds

Or Eagles. Men like white space. Anything familiar or too comfortable or one-dimensional is bound to dampen their energy swiftly. Send them to a place or a bunch where they can be someone else, trying something novel or odd. You may feel that shopping in Dubai can be your ultimate battery-charger but that’s not what your hubby would do somersaults for. Look for variety and freshness.

Let it be a Bachelor Party

Age notwithstanding, men love to be in boy mode. Galvanise a bunch of old school pals or close colleagues and see him grinning ear to ear. He would appreciate the idea of being with the buds on a getaway more than the cuff-links you admire.

Sharpen his Gear

As hopeless you feel about your man, there is always a brain lurking inside and craving to up the ante. Men love to acquire new skills. The Darwinian vestiges still breathe beneath that urban exterior. So no matter what it is – a beginner’s class for ice skating, wood-and-slice course, a mountaineering bootcamp, a jaunty tap dance; they would love to come back with something new to show off or put to use.

Brew it well

Ah! The old stereotype. Men and Drinks. But this still retains a spot with men. Book your special someone for a brewery tour, a trip to Ireland, a whiskey-factory visit, a vineyard holiday and watch him beam (or get tipsy) with joy. You can also arrange him a quick bartending course if time is on the short side. At least, he would not break your crystal ware from then on.

Whatever is your pick and budget, just remember one over-riding rule. Bow out as soon as you can.  Count yourself away. Make the trip about him, his space, his boys and adrenaline.

A man needs to be left alone. Time to time.
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