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A Pick of the best, the latest, the greenest, the quirkiest, the most luxurious... that money can buy.

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A Pick of the best, the latest, the greenest, the quirkiest, the most luxurious... that money can buy




Potted paths

These Rock Garden Modular Planters remind us of the logic found in rock gardens, and also of paths made out of roughly cut stones. They allow for an infinite number of settings and can create a rock garden on a terrace, visually divide larger spaces, or grow aromatic herbs. They can, of course, also be used indoors.


Gather around

This Garden Party High Table can be the perfect rallying point around which people can have a drink or enjoy a meal. Use it with or without bar stools. You could adapt the central space to a garden planter or a bottle of bubbly. The table can accommodate up to five guests if they are eating and a lot more if it is all about drinks and conversations.


Slice ’em up

If you have a thing for blades, you would want to get your hands on this. The Victorinox Large Chef’s Case of 23 killer knives and kitchen implements will be enough to set off a gleam in your eyes. They come with dishwasher-proof nylon handles and a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.



Caddy 2.0

The Nikon Laser 1000 AS is a golfing companion that provides you with a magnified and stat-laden view of the course, showing distances up to 915 m. Nikon’s Target Priority Switch system lets you change focus between ball and pin, while distances are slope-adjusted for greater accuracy, aiding club selection. Unfortunately, it won’t actually hit the ball for you.


Crafty chaps

It will not be held against you if can’t guess what these are. Francois Chambard’s lamps - The Craft System series - are as quirky as the characters in Wall-E. They have a common base unit - with an LED grid, light bulb and diffusers - and various attachments that you could use to customise the lamp. What makes it fun is the large dial on its surface with which the user can engage with the product.

Crafty Chaps, courtesy Better Interiors; Caddy 2.0, Slice ’em Up, courtesy T3 (This material is reproduced from T3 magazine and is the copyright of or licensed to Future Publishing Limited, a Future plc group company, UK2010. Used under licence. All rights reserved.)

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