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Flash Back: Down memory lane in pictures

Some sepia tones, some brightly-lit canvases, some eureka moments-all captured at just that critical time by our team of photographers. As 'Entrepreneur' takes a walk down memory lane, we bring to you some of the finest moments captured forever by our shutterbugs

By Team Entrepreneur


Wise and Elegant

Anu Aga, ex-chairperson of Thermax, believes it is the duty of every entrepreneur in this country to follow a set standard of business ethics. Looking poised in this B&W photo, she told us in March 2011 that the only way forward for the Indian economy is to have altruism as one of its principal pillars.

Image by Neha Mithbawkar

Wizard of Oz

Rajiv Kumar, Founder and CEO of Rocketalk, changed the rules of the game for the deaf by launching a mobile app in 2008 that would help the latter communicate with each other by exchanging video messages. This picture depicting Kumar as a magician tells us that change is possible-all it requires is a little imagination and creativity.

Image by Shamik Banerjee

Up in the air

Schauna Chauhan Saluja, CEO, Parle Agro, created a new product category in 2010 with the launch of health food snack, Hippo, in the market. Hippo gave Parle Agro a chance to diversify its traditional beverages business. This picture was shot when Hippo had taken the market by storm, the tiny balls flying high as our lens zoomed in.

Image by Neha Mithbawkar

Data moves

Pallav Nadhani, Co-Founder and CEO of FusionCharts, pioneered the concept of interactive charts for data visualization back in 2002. When we caught up with Nadhani in May this year, his company had grown to be a `27 crore entity with four product categories. The entrepreneur’s single-minded focus on product development is clearly evident in this picture.

Image by Maximage

Future bright

Inderpreet Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Azure Power, has lit many homes in the interiors of Punjab since his company launched in 2009. This picture of Wadhwa holding a bulb in the dark symbolizes the start of a new journey for Indian entrepreneurs, who can now tap into solar energy to meet the country’s ever-growing energy needs.

Image by Shamik Banerjee

Aiming high

Kunwer Sachdev, Founder and CEO of Su-Kam, started out selling pens but ended up building one of the largest inverter manufacturing companies in the world. Looking every bit the livewire in this picture taken in August 2010, there is no stopping Sachdev as far as innovation and growth are concerned.

Image by Shamik Banerjee


Tight strings

Our July 2011 cover story spoke of bootstrapping as one of the most effective ways of bringing a startup to life. This illustration shows the entrepreneur pondering over his B-Plan.

Illustrated by Chaitanya Dinesh Surpur



Singing merry

In our April 2011 issue, we featured a story on entrepreneurial personality types. The ‘diplomat’ type of entrepreneur, who displays both sociability and drive, is shown here.

Illustrated by Chaitanya Dinesh Surpur




The other side

September 2010 was our 1st anniversary issue. In the Backstage section, we took a tongue-in-cheek look at the woes plaguing entrepreneurs in India.

Illustrated by Chaitanya Dinesh Surpur






A starry sky


In the May 2010 issue, we told entrepreneurs how they can grow by scaling up and raising funds. The Backstage section spoke of entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations.

Illustrated by Chaitanya Dinesh Surpur

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