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Jun 09, 2006, 07.13 PM | Source: CNBC-TV18

Want a mobile phone under Rs 3,000?

Mobile-makers understand that the Indian consumer is price conscious. So they are wooing them with cheaper phones.

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Want a mobile phone under Rs 3,000?

Mobile-makers understand that the Indian consumer is price conscious. So they are wooing them with cheaper phones.

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Want a mobile phone under Rs 3,000?
The mobile segment in India is always abuzz with the launch of new models. Every new launch is not only upgraded but is more stylish than its predecessor. But in the glitter and glamour that surrounds the new and more stylish phones, mobile manufacturers are not forgetting their bread and butter, lower priced mobile phones.

There is no dearth of companies offering low priced mobile phones. The brands offering these phones feel that the first time mobile phone user is mostly likely to use low priced phones. Though the subscriber wants a cheap phone, he/she is never ready to make any compromise with the features of the phone and once they become accustomed to the phone he/she gradually upgrades to a high-end mobile phone, usually of the same brand. So, it pays for mobile manufacturers, to build brand loyalty with their cheaper phones.

In the market of low-priced mobile phones, LG promises to make your world colourful with its B-2050, which comes at a price of just Rs 2,990 and has a colourful display. If you want to still bargain, then have a look at Motorola's six phone C-series.

Its colour screen C-139 mobile phone is priced at Rs 2,300 and it is giving away a video camera enabled phone for just Rs 3,500! Whereas, the basic entry level, black and white display C 118 is available for just Rs 1,990. The low price is not the only for the manufacturers, as they are also particular about the fact that the phones and their features, should be suitable enough for a country like India.

Some Indian mobile manufacturing companies are also joining the bandwagon too. Spice Telecom promises you a phone for just Rs 1,990. Spice will soon be launching a couple of more feature packed phones. They are coming out with the cheapest slim phone for Rs 8,000 and later with a 1.3 megapixel camera phone for Rs 8,500.

The search for a customer doesn’t end here, but the list continues with Kyocera and its flip phones costing Rs 3,999 and the more stylish slide phones at just Rs 5,999. With  prices like these, mobile-making companies really want to make sure that the customer gets the best, and that too at a very reasonable price.

While on the subject of cheaply priced phones, how to protect your precious gadget is as important. Mobile phone viruses are becoming deadlier day by day and are causing a lot of trouble to all the mobile users.

The worst part is that these viruses cause a lot of damage to mobile phones and in extreme cases, your phone can go dead. Though these viruses cannot be totally leashed, but yes some precautions can be taken against the virus on the prowl.

The best bet in your quest to stop the virus from entering your mobile phone is to get a anti-virus software installed in your mobile phone. Make sure it is a good one and should be recommended by the mobile manufactures. The other important thing one should take care of is while on a downloading spree, a user should only access trusted and virus protected websites.


While downloading, you should always cross check the reliability of your source. Lastly, if you have a bluetooth enabled mobile phone, then always make sure that you switch off your bluetooth, when you are not downloading anything. You should also be cautious while receiving data through bluetooth, if the data is unknown, you should ignore and reject it.


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Want a mobile phone under Rs 3,000?

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