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10 facts about ISRO's multi-satellite launch

Wednesday marked the first time in history that any space agency launched more than 100 satellites at a time. Out of the 104 satellites, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched with PSLV-C37, 101 were from other countries.

It's the first ever century in the history of satellite launches. Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) PSLV-C37 lifted off from Sriharikota on a clear Wednesday morning with 104 satellites - 101 of them belonging to other countries.

Within 28 minutes, all of the earth-observation satellites were placed in their orbits. That's a record by many an Astronomical Unit, considering that the last one was set by a Russian rocket when it lifted off with 37 satellites in June 2014. It's also a huge improvement on ISRO's own performance of 23 satellites set in June 2015.

1) The PSLV-C37 weighing about 320 tonnes, the heaviest one in PSLV series, is 44.4 meters tall.

2) The main satellite in this group of satellites is Earth-mapping Cartosat 2 series satellite which around weigh 714 kg.

3) Of the 101 nanosatellites, 96 of them belong to United States, as well as two are from India.

4) The co-passenger satellites comprise 101 nanosatellites, one each from Israel, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

5) The total weight of all the satellites carried on-board is about 1,378 kg.

6) Around 90 satellites that belong to a San Francisco-based company, Planet Inc are named as 'Doves'

7 The 'Dove' constellation of satellites will be used to image the earth at low cost.

8) India broke the record set by Russia's space agency by launching 37 satellites in one go in 2014.

9) The PSLV vehicle first launched Cartosat-2 and later 103 of its co-passengers were put into polar Sun Synchronous Orbit which is at a distance of about 520 km from the earth.

10) By the 28th minute of the Rocket's mission, all 104 satellites were put into orbit.

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