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Rumors deny launch of AMD Radeon 7000 GPUs in 2011

The delays aren‘t just on the AMD Bulldozer and Intel‘s Sandy Bridge-E front. Whether these are signs of the slowdown of the PC slowdown or just

Gaming enthusiasts will have to wait a while before they upgrade their graphics cards.The delays aren’t just on the AMD Bulldozer and Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E front. Whether these are signs of the PC market slowdown or just due to internal delays isn't clear. There are rumours that AMD will not ship any of its next-generation GPUs this year. The Radeon 7000, as they are likely to be called will only come out in 2012. NVIDIA, too is following a similar plan. The new GPUs from both the GPU manufacturers are expected to be based on the 28nm fabrication process. According to Nordic Hardware, this move might have come after a massive demand for their existing Radeon 6000 line of GPUs. The 6000 series of Radeon GPUs are almost a year old and there’s no need for much faster GPUs. TSMC will be the company making GPUs for AMD and NVIDIA.

Radeon HD7000 will only come in 2012

Radeon HD7000 will only come in 2012


The last major GPU launches by NVIDIA and AMD have come in quick succession and amongst a lot of noise. This time around, there’s not a lot being talked about. NVIDIA has a lot going on their mobile platform front as compared to AMD. With a lot of games being developed for the console first and then ported to the PCs, the hardware requirement for titles seem to have dropped quite a bit, than a few years back. With this happening, the need to upgrade GPUs isn’t as urgent, in the minds of most gamers. 

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