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Mar 22, 2012 10:30 AM IST | Source:

Far Cry 3 gets psychedelic with new trailer

Drugs are bad mmmkay.

Far Cry 3 is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated games of 2012. Ample gameplay footage from previous trailers shows the game’s gone back to its tropical island roots. Even better is the fact that the game looks like it will give players ample ways of tackling any given situation, be it with all out aggression or brutal stealth. The latest trailer released by Ubisoft sheds some light on a new character called Dr. Earnhardt, a doctor with the penchant for drugs. And it seems players will be able to imbibe some his wares leading to some very trippy looking sequences. There’s also a ton of gameplay in there and if possible, the game now looks even more polished than it did before. We can’t wait for September.

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