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Aug 25, 2008, 12.34 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

This week may bring fortune for Mithun, Kanya rashi

This week may bring fortune for Mithun and Kanya rashi; some vice decision are expected to be taken which may give result in next few weeks.

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This week may bring fortune for Mithun, Kanya rashi

This week may bring fortune for Mithun and Kanya rashi; some vice decision are expected to be taken which may give result in next few weeks.

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According to Lt Col Ajay CEO astromoneyguru.com - As per Astro-technical calculations this week is represents by figure 35 and as per finical numerology figure 8 is ruled by Saturn the planet is known for mystery, volatility and uncertainty in world future market. This May creat biggest volatility in forex and commodity market, effect may be seen on world stock market also.


Our advance predictions made in previous article for “Time for trade in bullion and crude oil” has proved 100% correct Crude oil, bullion and metal have shoot up like rocket and proved all market expert wrong who keep advising short in above commodities. As per statistics crude oil has shoot up from $ 113 to $ 121.30 per barrel and gold (Comex) from $ 799 to $833 Hope all our readers must have enjoyed this unique system of predictions. Our Nifty levels and recommended stocks were among top gainer’s list under volatility. I am thankful to all who sent appreciations through mails and telephones now this week Mars and Mercury in Kanya, Sun, Venus, and Saturn are in Singh rashi, Ketu in Karak, Rahu in makar rashi. All these combinations may lead to mix trend in world future market. Indian stock market may begain with positive note. This is the time to value your stock base on growth .There are few fundamental to check your portfolio before taking any decisions in investment.


The Difference between Growth and Value Stocks


What is the difference between a growth stock and a value stock? You've heard the terms in regards to value and growth investing, but you may not be sure what they exactly mean.

There are no hard, set definitions of growth and value stocks. But you will find that there are some criteria that generally defines these different stocks. The trouble often comes with the labeling of individual stocks that are near the edge of either definition.


Growth and value aren't just investing methods, but they are a way for investors to narrow the stocks they will invest in. History has shown us that they tend to take turns. There are periods when growth stocks do well, and other periods in which value stocks excel. The best investment strategy for the average investor is to hold both in a diversified portfolio.

Growth investing involves focusing on a stock that is growing with potential. Value investing seeks stocks that the market has under priced that have a potential for an increase.


Growth stocks usually feature strong growth rates. You want to see small companies with a 10% or higher growth rate for the past five years, while larger companies need to post a 5% to 7% growth rate. You also want to see a strong return on equity. Consider the earnings per share and the pre-tax margins. Look at the projected stock price for a clue of your potential returns. You need to select sector wise stocks picks aggressive as well as defensive stocks with risk and reward ratio. You need to select few stocks base on value and growth like certain stocks may counted in mid cap but base on growth and sound management stock has all the capacity to come under lager cap within 2-5 years .All such type of stocks may also required to keep close watch. One thing investors should notice under volatility such type of stocks never go beyond a limit , and show bounce back as and when market bounce back . Investors should go through their financial record  five year record also if rapid growth with regenable cash flow is available with records it sounds strong financial and fundamental of company and management.

When considering a growth stock, you need to use your judgment and common sense. The stock might not meet all of the criteria, but still show signs of being a solid growth stock. For example, it may not have a five-year look to see yet, but still be a significant player in a growing new industry.

Value stocks are often confused for cheap stocks, which they are not. However, you may find value stocks listed on the lists of the companies that have hit a 52-week low. Investors look at value stocks as the bargains of investing. The idea is to choose a stock that is under priced and wait for the market price correction. Consider the price earnings ratio, which should be in the bottom 10% of all companies. Look for a price to earning growth ration of less than 1. A good value stock has at least as much equity as debt, twice as much liability as assets and a share price at tangible book value or less.

While there are investors that tend to focus on one type of stock over another, a diversified portfolio of both growth and value stocks will provide you with good returns. If you are a beginning investor, this is an ideal combination. If you find that you have only of them in your holdings, you should consider the benefits of diversification


Nifty Levels


Nifty Resistance             4388              4440            4522

Nifty Support                 4288            4233            4158


My weekly picks for the week would be in tele-communications, Pharma, metal, power, sector Investors may keep eyes on KS OIL, LUPIN,CRAIN INDIA etc .Week may start with positive note but from middle of the week heavy profit booking is also expected in bullion , therefore be careful in big trading.


Commodity sections


Bullion- As per stars bullion (Gold and silver) may show highest volatility. From middle of the week bullion may show heavy profit booking


Metal – Copper may show big volatility. First half of the week may show flat to positive but second half may bring down ward movement


This week may bring fortune for Mithun and Kanya rashi; some vice decision are expected to be taken which may give result in next few weeks. Now stars may start favoring them in trading as well as at demotic fronts. Investors who born in year 1975 in month of July and sept 1975 are expected to gain big gains. However one can check horoscope to take full advantage astrology in trading. 

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This week may bring fortune for Mithun, Kanya rashi

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