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Feb 19, 2008, 05.52 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

SBI e-Tax Online Payment of taxes

SBI promises no charge for online payment of taxes.

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SBI e-Tax Online Payment of taxes

SBI promises no charge for online payment of taxes.

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(i)  What is SBI e-Tax?

SBI e-Tax is a facility provided by SBI to its customers for on-line payment of all Direct / Indirect Taxes i.e. using Internet banking, through www.onlinesbi.com

(ii) Who can utilise this product?

All customers of SBI, whether corporates/firms or individuals, who have any account with Internet Banking facility with any branch of the Bank, can pay their taxes through SBI e-Tax even if the concerned branch is not authorized for conducting Government Business.

(iii) What is the primary requirement for payment of taxes through e-Tax.

The Taxpayer / Assessee needs to have an account i.e. Savings, Current or Cash Credit account and Internet Banking/Corporate Internet Banking registration with transaction rights with any Internet Banking enabled branch.

(iv) Are there any charges for payment of taxes through SBI e-Tax?

No. There are no charges for online payment of taxes.

(v) How to pay Tax through SBI e-Tax?

The customer logs on to www.onlinesbi.com , which provides internet banking facility and selects SBI e-Tax for selection of the type of tax to be paid.  All Direct / Indirect taxes can be paid easily by filling up the requisite information in the prescribed format and instant Cyber Receipt is generated.  

(vi) What are the advantages of SBI e-Tax?

a. Convenient, hassle free and simple screen based, menu driven, user-friendly process.

b. Available anywhere, anytime 24x7

c. Available to all SBI-INB customers (individuals/corporates) from the comfort of their home/office.

d. No charges.

e. No paper challans.

f. No cash/drafts required.

g. No queues.

h. Can ensure accuracy of data PAN/TAN no., Assessment year, Head of account, amount of tax etc. on-screen before authorizing payment.

i. Instant acknowledgement- cyber receipt, which can be stored or printed.

(vii) Why prefer SBI for e-tax payment?

a. Largest no. of taxpayers route their tax payments through SBI.

b. Safest and Secured Network.

c. Largest network of branches means we are ready to offer the Internet Banking facility in your neighbourhood.

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