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Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi: Who reigns supreme in the Twitter war?

With the political spat between the parties open to retweets, data shows that Rahul Gandhi has suddenly gained more popularity than PM Narendra Modi on the forum.

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The war of words on Twitter between Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has either got Twitterati bring out a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show or take a stand on their political beliefs.

With the political spat between the parties open to retweets, data shows that Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) has in the recent times gained more popularity than PM Modi on the social media platform.

Rahul Gandhi joined Twitter in 2015 and tweets by the handle @OfficeOfRG whereas Modi joined in 2009 and uses the Twitter handle @narendramodi. Modi, who is the third-most followed leader on Twitter according to a Burson-Marsteller Study, has 36.5 million followers. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, has 4.26 million followers but seems to be gaining popularity  at a fast pace in a short span of time.

That Rahul Gandhi will eventually succeed Sonia Gandhi as the Congress President is almost certain, the question is how soon. Rahul Gandhi has also been actively participating in rallies and addressing masses with an eye on Himachal  Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections. Not to forget, the Congress wants to be seen as a force to reckon with in the next Lok Sabha elections, and Rahul Gandhi is being seen as the person who can do it.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor  in an interview with Moneycontrol earlier said, “I think more interesting is the way in which his (Gandhi) own dynamism, his own running around- from Berkeley to Gujarat- has actually captured imaginations, and raised a large number of very positive reactions from the public at large.”

According to an analytical tool, Twitonomy, Rahul Gandhi has seen a rise in retweets and Modi is seeing a consistent rise, like always.

namo retweet

(Source: Twitonomy)

officeofrg retweet

(Source: Twitonomy)

When checked to see how many fake followers follow the politicians, analytical tool Twitter Audit pointed that only 32 percent of Modi's followers are genuine.

namo fake followers

(Source: Twitter Audit;  figures subject to change)

On the other hand, Gandhi's has 34 percent genuine followers.

officeofrg follow

(Source: Twitter Audit; figures subject to change)

Gandhi seems to be using the forum to personally get in touch with his followers — a move which is now being followed by most political leaders. According to Twitonomy, he now tweets at least 4 times in a day (3.63 times to be exact) — which was not the case earlier.

Modi has been using social media forums to directly be in touch with his followers since 2009. Many believe that his active social media presence has helped in strengthening his party's foundation. Modi tweets at least 12 times (11.75 times to be exact) in a day. One of the reasons for Gandhi's popularity could be that his tweets may seem funny, witty or entertaining to tweeters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the other hand, tweets in a formal tone -- an important discretion of the office he holds.
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