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  • Loans non-resident Indians can take in India

    Loans non-resident Indians can take in India  

    Banks do lend to non-resident Indians (NRI). However, do not ignore the terms of the loans and the costs associated with them.

    27 Jul 2015, 2.49 pm  |  Source:

  • Planning to become NRI? Here is financial checklist for you

    Planning to become NRI? Here is financial checklist for you  

    Before leaving India to work in a foreign country, it makes sense to close some ' to do' money issues.

    08 May 2015, 7.44 pm  |  Source:

  • All you want to know about RFC account

    All you want to know about RFC account  

    Resident foreign currency account can be used by resident Indians and NRIs who have permanently settled in India after staying overseas for at least one year to maintain foreign currency deposits.

    23 Dec 2014, 12.08 pm  |  Source:

  • Are you an NRI & returning to India? Here are things to do

    Are you an NRI & returning to India? Here are things to do  

    Existing FCNR or NRE accounts can be converted to RFC account as per the discretion of the account holder.

    30 Sep 2014, 5.38 pm  |  Source:

  • How can NRIs avoid double taxation?

    How can NRIs avoid double taxation?  

    The problem arises when they are told that as per the globally accepted norms, if a taxpayer is resident in one country but has a source of income situated in another country, there is a situation at hand where his income is taxed...

    10 Sep 2014, 5.15 pm  |  Source:

  • 5 Things NRIs need to know when filing IT returns in India

    5 Things NRIs need to know when filing IT returns in India  

    If NRIs carry out transactions in shares, mutual funds and/or similar securities, the monetary gains from the same are also tax accountable, for which they are supposed to file returns. The due date for this, only in case of NRIs,...

    11 Jun 2014, 5.28 pm  |  Source:

  • Checklist for NRIs investing in Indian property

    Checklist for NRIs investing in Indian property  

    The Indian laws too have made the task of NRIs investing in Indian property, much simpler, with attractive schemes under the purview of FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act). In India, all such transactions are under the control ...

    21 Mar 2014, 5.27 pm  |  Source:

  • Forex volatility: Doomsday for NRI investors

    Forex volatility: Doomsday for NRI investors  

    Who can forget 2007? Not 2008, I meant 2007. Market euphoria had taken over the world. Every day's delay in investing in equity markets meant a loss in potential earnings.

    15 Feb 2014, 7.16 pm  |  Source:

  • Gurgaon: An upcoming investment destination for NRIs  

    Gurgaon over the years has seen a massive improvement in infrastructure, well connected with metro and above all the HUDA is widening the Golf Course Road, thereby remaining among the top favorable residential markets in India

    19 Dec 2013, 11.40 am  |  Source:

  • Some things to be done before becoming an NRI  

    Ronak Morjaria of discusses things to be done before becoming an NRI.

    25 Oct 2013, 4.00 pm  |  Source:

  • Every thing you want to know about PAN Card for NRIs  

    Ramalingam K elaborates on everything that is needed to know about permanent account number (PAN) for non-resident Indians (NRIs).

    22 Oct 2013, 4.34 pm  |  Source:

  • FCNR (B): A saviour for the rupee; an opportunity for NRIs  

    Ramalingam K of discusses the importance of FCNR (B) as it will be a saviour for the rupee.

    25 Sep 2013, 3.44 pm  |  Source:

  • Fall of rupee an opportunity for NRIs to invest in India?

    Fall of rupee an opportunity for NRIs to invest in India?  

    Rajiv Raj of elaborates on India becoming an excellent investment opportunity for NRIs in India. He stresses on capitalising on this depreciation in the currency.

    26 Aug 2013, 3.13 pm  |  Source:

  • Here are best options for NRIs to invest in India   

    Personal finance expert, Gaurav Mashruwala said that a non-resident Indian must have clarity in mind as to why he wants to invest in India.

    21 Jun 2013, 3.08 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • What NRIs looking to invest in India should know  

    My doctor niece Neeta, married to a US resident, wanted to invest some of her earnings in India, which she discussed with me on her recent trip to India. Though she has retained her Indian Passport for the purpose of foreign exch...

    23 Apr 2013, 12.04 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget Reactions: FM to introduce rupee denominated bonds for NRIs  

    The finance minister is introducing rupee denominated bonds to attract investments from NRI’s.

    28 Feb 2013, 5.16 pm  |  Source:

  • FM should reduce home loans interest: NRIs  

    Introduction of a higher income tax slab for income of Rs 20 Lakhs and above would hit NRI savings, say experts. However, an increase in deduction towards housing loan will attract NRI interest.

    14 Feb 2013, 4.18 pm  |  Source:

  • NRI must read: Is your property being encroached?  

    Abhijit Biswas, a software engineer has been living in the US for the past few decades, but two years back following his father’s death he decided to take his mother along with him for better medical attention.

    28 Jan 2013, 1.27 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2013-14: How govt can woo NRIs, attract investments  

    For years, the union budget is the most awaited event of the year not only for the government but also for people at large. Interestingly, as globalisation brings people closer to each other, the significance of the budget especia...

    19 Jan 2013, 11.43 am  |  Source:

  • NRI investment in Indian Stock Markets  

    The FDI policy, announced by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) and the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 governs foreign direct investment in India.

    19 Jan 2013, 11.00 am  |  Source:

  • NRIs adopting child from India: Avoiding road blocks  

    Chetan and Neha, a NRI couple from Houston are trying hard to adopt a child from India after having failed to have one of their own in eight long years of marriage.

    19 Jan 2013, 10.51 am  |  Source:

  • Are you an NRI: Here is how to file for marriage visas  

    The wedding ceremonies of Aakash and Sandhya took place without a glitch and soon the time arrived for Aakash to leave. He was yet to apply for a marriage visa and when he finally got around to doing it, he realized that there was...

    18 Jan 2013, 3.34 pm  |  Source:

  • How do NRIs care for elderly in India?  

    Sushanto has been in US for the past decade and half, while his parents back home in Kolkatta have aged beyond the stage where they can look after themselves.

    18 Jan 2013, 3.30 pm  |  Source:

  • Essential guide for NRIs investing in Indian real estate  

    In the aftermath of the Sub Prime crisis in the US and the sinking real estate segment in the EU nations, NRIs have been looking homewards for investing in real estate in past couple of years.

    18 Jan 2013, 3.22 pm  |  Source:

  • How to plan for an Indian Wedding  

    Once you have decided who you want to get married to, the biggest quest is accomplished and the next big task is to plan the wedding. Being an NRI, if you plan to have a lavish Indian wedding, the task becomes mammoth.

    18 Jan 2013, 3.08 pm  |  Source:

  • Why NRI`s need to be careful about Identity thefts?  

    Ram Narain is an accomplished non resident Indians (NRI). Today, he is one of the few Indians who have created a home far away from home. While working for a Fortune 500 company in the US, it occurred to him that he neglected his ...

    11 Jan 2013, 11.56 am  |  Source:

  • A complete guide for NRIs investing in Mutual Funds  

    Traditionally, NRIs have been more comfortable investing in real estate in India. Real estate investment gave returns in the country at an average of about 14-17% in this decade.

    24 Dec 2012, 7.14 pm  |  Source:

  • NRI dream home in India!  

    Owning a home is a dream for most of us and thanks to the diverse home loan schemes available to make that dream a reality. How is this different in case of Non- Resident Indians (NRI)?

    24 Dec 2012, 6.59 pm  |  Source:

  • How can NRIs invest in shares, debentures, mutual funds  

    With increasing opportunities for global careers, more and more Indians are opting to migrate to other countries in the search for greener pastures.

    20 Dec 2012, 1.52 pm  |  Source:

  • Should an NRI opt for home loan to buy house in India?  

    Buying a home in India remains high on the ‘to do’ list of many non-resident individuals (NRI). With rupee depreciating NRIs can make the most of the increased purchasing power.

    19 Dec 2012, 4.25 pm  |  Source:

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