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How to trade stocks post Rail Budget?

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mani5556: Sir, Please advice on unity infra and praj industries for near short term ?

SP Tulsian: Avoid both

paryankbhatt_20: sir, having sks mirco @185,160,155 total 300 qty what to do ? as you told it will be going to multibigger than what time tat ?

SP Tulsian: MB needs hento have 3 years view. Hold till t

ratikarora0108: sir, i want to buy a option for budget can u recommend a stock only for feb expiry.

SP Tulsian: Buy HDFC 800 Call

chhetribharat20: Sir, I have 200 Shares of Aanjaneya Life@575,1500 Shares of Sintex@65 & 3000 Shares of Welspun corp@64 what is target for short term?

SP Tulsian: Exit from Aanjaneya now. Hold other 2 for 3% gains on current rates

priyanksaxena55: sir is it correct time to invest in coal india with an view of 6 months

SP Tulsian: No

paryankbhatt_20: advice for arshiyana international too and also please advice for short term stock tips from your side.

SP Tulsian: Avoid Arshiya. look for Zee T

1jitusaloi1: Sir, I hv. 1200 lanco@15, 300 Tribhobandas jabheri @220 holding since last 8 months.what should I do, Can I enter Polaris for 1 yr. horizon

SP Tulsian: Exit from TBZ. Hold Lanco for 2 months

debanjan_b: Good Afternoon Mr. Tulsian, today even before the Railway budget ended railway stocks are getting beaten down. Any specific reason behind that? How do you see Kaliondee Rail here onwards? What can be a good price to average Kalindee Rail as of now? Should the minority investors still hang on with buying price within 171 range?

SP Tulsian: Nothing exciting in kalindee. Hold for a gain of 5% gain with 1 month view

varun5021: sir i m buy 1 lot tata steel 390 march tak hold kar sakata hu kya karna chaiya & dhanlaxmi bank 810@ 67.00 isme kya karna chaiya ?

SP Tulsian: Exit from tata Steel. Hold Dhanlakshmi for 2 months

1jitusaloi1: Sir , pl porvide 2 multibagger for 1-2 yrs. I hv 200 MBL Infr @ 165 holding since last 4 months

SP Tulsian: Look for 210 in MBL in 6 months

mani5556: Sir, Is this the right time to buy jp associates @68

SP Tulsian: Yes

debanjan_b: Good Afternoon Mr. Tulsian, now after the cancellation of int`l flying rights for KFA how do you see KFA now? Is there any hope left for KFA to fly again? What can be the next logical steps for the group of bankers on KFA`s outstanding loan? Can govt allow KFA to die a premature death? How should the minority investors look at KFA now?

SP Tulsian: Minority shareholders should look to exit in a rally above 11 , which will come in 1 month. Banks will be able to revover 50% of its dues

debanjan_b: Good Afternoon Mr. Tulsian, now KFA being in trouble, UB Holding is also seeing a huge sell-off. Is the future of UB Holding completely based on KFA? How should the minority investors look at UBHoldings now?

SP Tulsian: Exit from UB Holding and move to UB Limited

chhetribharat20: Sir Ji, I have lost 3 lakh in different shares can u please tell me how should i get my money and what time? please suggest some good stocks.

SP Tulsian: Stop trading or 6 months now. Be ST investor. Buy UBL

varun5021: sir i m buy Ril 836 & sell hdfc bank 60@ 668.00 mai budget tak kya karna chaiya ?

SP Tulsian: Hold RIL. Exit from HDFC Bank

debanjan_b: Good Afternoon Mr. Tulsian, any updates on SKS? SKS has cleared off its AP losses and is supposed to post better quarter results. How should the minority investors look at SKS now? Where do you see SKS in 3-5 year time frame?

SP Tulsian: Positive view over 3 yeras. But not much upside in the next 1-3 months

nairut: hi...what do you think of overall market? any views on jet?

SP Tulsian: Jet deal with Etihad is likely to happen. need to have 1 month view on it

vmchenni: Hi,What are your views on capital goods sector and its stocks. Like ABB SIEMENS and COMPTON

SP Tulsian: Neutral to negative view on all

varun5021: bhel buy 80 @ 242 i m hold 15 day kya hold karna chaiya ?

SP Tulsian: Look for 212

gkavin04: Can i buy dbreality

SP Tulsian: Below 66 for 3 months

vmchenni: What are views on TataGlobal and BGR Energy for the tenure of one year...

SP Tulsian: Positive on TGB. Neutral on BGR

mishra_vivek56: Sir, could you please suggest something for shares like PIIndustry and opto circuits for long term

SP Tulsian: Avoid both for LT

ritabindra5: sir holding mcx at1485,fres.kabi at 126,elantas beck at 625 ur views for longterm and short term.thanx.

SP Tulsian: Positive on all from LT view. Look for 1200, 132 and 660 in ST

asif100asif: whats ur opinion about market ?

SP Tulsian: Budget will give direction to market

nairut: hi...thanks for the input on jet? one additional question...can i buy jet at cmp?

SP Tulsian: Buy for 1 month view or till Etihad deal happens

varun5021: i m buy Rpower 2000 @ 81.00 budjet tak kya target rakhna chaiya ?

SP Tulsian: 80

gkavin04: suggest good pick on budget day

SP Tulsian: HDFC

ghegde: Hindalco (baught @123), can hold for an year. What is the outlook for this stock?

SP Tulsian: Hold till 120 with 1 year view

samaiya_neelima: your views on rajesh exports pls.

SP Tulsian: Negative

asif100asif: whats the movement of sesa goa for 2 month?

SP Tulsian: Look for 162

varun5021: sir cmp par nifty buy karna thik hai kya ?

SP Tulsian: Nahi

gkavin04: view on bartronics

SP Tulsian: Negative

ritabindra5: sir ur views on nagajuna oil,have been holding for very long time.wld u suggest to exit from it?also ur views on dewan housing.

SP Tulsian: Exit from nagarjuna. Hold Dewan till 200

debanjan_b: Mr Tulsian, Any specific sector you feel may fetch good returns in next 2/3 year time frame?

SP Tulsian: Oil & Gas. Bank & NBFC

varun5021: sir i m buy idfc 100 @173. kab tak mera price mil sakata hai ?

SP Tulsian: Keep view of 3-4 months

gkavin04: bom dye purchased at 102. what is the view sir

SP Tulsian: Look for 110 in 45 days

varun5021: sir satyam mai kis price mai entry karna chaiya ?

SP Tulsian: Below 108
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