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Chat Transcript

  • Ambareesh Baliga

    Feb,26,2013, 16:00 hrs

    Discuss the Rail Budget

    Ambareesh Baliga , Independent Analyst

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    Hi Everybody...


  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    Today the market seems to have decisively broken down - the upward move which we saw in the last 6 months seems to have ended.... unless Feb 28th proves it otherwise. Remain short with a strict stop loss so that you don`t get on the wrong foot on Thursday.

  • paryankbhatt_20: Sir, Advice me about sksmicro having Rs.185,160,155 @300 qty. Please advice me should i continue or exit from stock

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    SKS micro - hold but don`t average any further. The market especially for the mid caps are not looking at any fundamentals. Mid cap investors seem to have abandoned the markets as they have only been losing money. For time being stay put.

  • abhi00720: Hi Baliga Sir, I am a new in share market and i want to buy some shares , so can u please suggest some shares thats gonna give me some profit....and Any tip u wanna suggest...

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    There a number of stocks which can give you good profits but I should know your time horizon and return expectation. If you are expecting a 15% per annum over the next 3-4 years buy ITC, Reliance, L&T, SBI but remember that it will not be a one way street. The markets are going a painful period currently and it could continue for a while longer. So be prepared to see a cut in your portfolio before you start seeing profits.

  • avina_sh1: Iam Having NTPC BOUGHT AT 149 .IS there any impact of budget on NTPC

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    There are should be sops for Power & Infrastructure sector. NTPC at 149/- is good buy. Though in the short term you may not see any returns but the largest player in the power sector will not disappoint if you can hold for 2- 3 years..


  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    The mood is completely destroyed especially the domestic investors - both retail and HNI. Even if we see a rally it could only be in the large caps....

  • subramaniam.g: can tata motors recover to 300 before expiry as i hold 300 calls 3 lots at rs 4

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    If there is no increase in excise duty on diesel cars and SUVs you could see that move in Tata Motors.

  • goje: Sir, I have 40 L&T @ 1550. What is your target on L&T for 6 months?

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    L&T target in next 6 months was Rs. 1850/- but looking at the mood in the market currently may need to revise it down..

  • guest: Sir, Please advice on unity infra and praj industries for near short term

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    It is futile checking on any mid cap stocks currently. No one can give a proper advice on where these stocks could move in the short term. There is absolute loss of confidence in mid caps but at the same time it is giving an opportunity to buy good quality mid caps in this carnage. Unity Infra and Praj are both average when it comes to management quality hence you can hold and let the storm pass by.

  • bbk1967: Sir can i enter in this market in present situation or wt till budget

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    Wait for the budget...no point trying to be brave in a market like this.

  • smartvalue: can i invest in mcx , financial technologies at current price Please suggest some multibagger stocks

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    the volumes on MCX has been disappointing - had expected some sparks in the sector on launch of MCX but sadly none. The volume creation incentives will hit the bottom line - would suggest a wait.

  • pnjkrishnan: dear Baliga, pls suggest entry level for NMDC and Power grid

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    At current levels they are comparatively safe - looking at the carnage in the mid caps. Especially NMDC should see levels of 200+ in a year.

  • samaiya_neelima: sir, your views on jp associates.

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    It is has corrected well - should not go below 67/68 but keep a final stop loss at 63/- with a target of 85/- in next 3-4 months

  • tejas bhatt: Sir do you think Media stocks like TV Today have strong fundamentals to be a multi bagger?

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    I doubt... most of the companies in the sector - especially the media channels are still bleeding.

  • npkeni: Baliga Sir , what is wrong with optocircuits?

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    When investors stop believing what the management says and lose confidence in the people who run the company - then there is a run on the stock. This is the story across a number of mid cap companies and scenario today is that these managements have to prove that they are innocent and mean good for the retail investors - otherwise it is assumed that they are there to cheat the gulliable investor.

  • felixdias29: sir, I have kept aside Rs fifty thousand for buying stocks ` buy on dips` basis. can you name the right stock to buy in this week for 1-2 years for good returns

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    I have suggested some safe stocks earlier in the chat - ITC, Reliance, L&T, SBI,

  • subramaniam.g: do you think icici bank can recover to 1100 before expiry. i hold 1100 call @10 2 lots

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    ICICI Bank may recover if we see a good bounce tomorrow but looking at the world markets it seems difficult. Check the morning mood before deciding to book out.

  • sameersrj: sir i have bought hindalco industries @125/- what shoula i do i can hold it for 6 months plz suhhest me

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    After about 6 months we have seen these levels for Hindalco..In case it breaks 99/100 exit.

  • tejas bhatt: Sir can Tata Steel and IDFC been bought at CMP after their steep fall?

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    Especially Tata Steel I feel can be bought at current levels - keep a margin of 5% further fall from here but valuations are attractive. IDFC wait for levels of 140/42

  • Ambareesh Baliga:

    Thanks everybody... back on the budget day on answer more queries.

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