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Mar 21, 2017 03:40 PM IST | Source:

Travelling by train? Don't pay more than Rs 7 for chai-coffee, says Railways

The Railways have posted a rate card for food sold on trains after several complains from passengers on Twitter.

Have you ever been charged more than the fixed price of Rs 50 for a veg thali on train? Worry no more, as the Railway Ministry has issued a rate card for meals, tea and water bottles sold on trains after frequent complaints on Twitter from commuters who claim to have been fleeced.

The rate card sets the price of tea and coffee at Rs 7 each, while lunch and dinner will cost Rs 50-55.

The rate card has been posted on Twitter. Users can complain to the Rail Ministry at @RailminIndia if they are overcharged.

Here is the tweet:

Travellers have for long complained about the quality and the price of the food served in trains by private vendors, who are contracted by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

The vendors are required to show the traveller a menu card, and sell hygienic food at prices that are fixed by IRCTC. But more often than not, people are cheated by these vendors and have to do with sub-standard food.

Fixing the rates of food sold in trains will not only regulate the prices charged by vendors, but will also be in line with the government's focus on passenger safety and cleanliness from this year's Budget.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had asked for a review of all the vendors who are allowed to cater inside the trains, and blacklist the ones involved in any unfair practices.

Prabhu had last month unveiled a new catering policy which would separate the food making and distribution part of the business to ensure good quality food.

With the new policy, the ministry is trying to bring big hotel names to establish kitchens at various stations and produce food in a private-public partnership. IRCTC will be the distributor of the food.
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