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Binay Tamang cautions BJP on Gorkhaland crisis, says statehood permanent solution

Gorkhaland movement’s leader Binay Tamang has cautiuoned BJP to set aside its ‘electoral compulsions’ and immediately address the crisis in the hills lest things intensify and “spin out of hand of the Centre”.

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Gorkhaland movement leader Binay Tamang has cautioned the BJP to set aside its ‘electoral compulsions’ and immediately address the crisis in the hills lest things intensify and “spin out of hand of the Centre”, according to a report by the Mint.

Tamang also underlined the strategic significance of Darjeeling as a frontier area.

As Gorkha Jamukti Morcha’s (GJM) chief leader Bimal Gurung has been subsided from the picture, ousted leader Binay Tamang has been making an effort to fill that space. But the demand is still one to curve a separate state for Gorkhas out of West Bengal.

The emerging leader said that although West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had acknowledged the demand for Gorkhaland as legitimate, her government did not have jurisdiction over the matter. The Centre has a pivotal role to play in the discussion, he said.

Last month, Banerjee had called for a long-term solution to the Gorkhaland demand, while maintaining that a separate statehood would not be allowed. She has also accused the BJP of conspiring with the GJM  extremists after the Centre pulled out paramilitary forces from the hills amid blockade and violence.

But in his interview to the newspaper, Tamang asserted that the permanent solution was to create Gorkhaland as a separate state.

The split in the GJM party leadership took place as Bimal Gurung had taken the movement away from non-violent path, said Tamang. He also underlined that the 105-day strike led by Gurung was a failure as it did not culminate into anything, only the working class suffered at the end.

Tamang said no matter which party was in power in West Bengal, no one would allow the formation of Gorkhaland. “Political parties speak out of their electoral compulsions,” he said.

He is also trying to revive the administrative body GTA with the state’s support and looking for Darjeeling’s development, he told the media.

Earlier, Mint reported that it was the West Bengal government’s strategy to push Gurung away from the hills into hiding and end the strike by bringing a moderate leader like Tamang to power, an official in Kolkata said on the condition of anonymity.
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