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Go the Distance

  • Each day you don many hats. An entrepreneur, a manager, a custodian, a philanthropist, an innovator. Each time you think, you have to take under consideration different views, opinions and feelings. Every decision must deliver and every action must account. Yet, you have never really sought shortcuts, often reveling in this journey. At Apollo Tyres, we recognise and appreciate your spirit to realise your potential and take care of every detail -- to go the distance.

  • One size doesn't fit all: IKEA goes local for India, China  

    Without a willingness to lug cheap flat-pack wardrobes home and wrestle with self-assembly, there would be no IKEA, but in Asia, where the locals have other ideas, the Swedish furniture giant thinks it still has a bright future.

    07 Mar 2013, 10.02 am  |  Source: Reuters

  • L'Oreal's lessons from Indian homes  

    L’Oréal India’s Pierre-Yves Arzel says home visits helped him understand Indians’ relationship with water, what beauty products they use and why.

    06 Mar 2013, 12.51 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • British companies looking for opportunities in India  

    British companies are looking for opportunities in India, especially in the infrastructure space that is expected to see investments worth USD 1 trillion in five years, according to global consultancy Deloitte.

    05 Mar 2013, 1.36 pm  |  Source: PTI

  • India's new centre-State equation  

    In the early days of nation-building, economic policy was dictated by Delhi. Now more and more states are taking charge of their destinies. In them, Delhi has the best chance of reclaiming India’s growth story.

    04 Mar 2013, 11.31 am  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Will NBFCs bite the banking bait?   

    At long last the banking sector has been opened to the big guns of corporate India. The Budget has had only a day's impact on the market. But the release of final rules on how new bank licenses will be issued will have a longer la...

    02 Mar 2013, 5.18 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Budget lacks grand plan to put economy back on track: HDFC  

    FM's effort to fit everything somewhat scrappily into an omnibus policy has resulted in the lack of a cohesive grand plan to put the economy back on track.

    02 Mar 2013, 2.04 pm  |  Source: Moneycontrol.com

  • Budget Reactions: FM tables people's Budget with eye on FII, infra: PwC India  

    This budget is clearly a response to the prevailing socio-economic circumstances in the country. The Finance Minister has put forward a peoples’ budget.

    01 Mar 2013, 2.05 pm  |  Source: Moneycontrol.com

  • Letter from the Editor: The Rise of India's States  

    Centralised, top-down planning models must now give way to participative, bottom-up planning.

    01 Mar 2013, 12.25 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Union Budget 2013 - 14: A Women's Bank: Is it the need of hour?  

    In Union Budget 2013-14, Finance Minister - P Chidambaram advocated the cause of women empowerment. He proposed to set up India's first ever state-owned bank by the women and for the women.

    28 Feb 2013, 7.34 pm  |  Source: Moneycontrol.com

  • Budget Analysis: FM has shown real image of eco, sent right signals: Montek   

    In an interview to CNBC-TV18 Montek Singh Ahluwalia, deputy chairman of Planning Commission shared his reading for the Union Budget 2013.

    28 Feb 2013, 6.21 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Budget Analysis: How will the Budget 2013 impact you  

    The union budget was announced today, and as expected there was a lot of excitement around it, and a lot of ink (more electronic than real) will be poured over it in the days to come. Read this space to know how it has impacted y...

    28 Feb 2013, 5.50 pm  |  Source: Moneycontrol.com

  • What is holding back India's growth story? Experts discuss  

    The key theme of the latest edition of the British weekly The Economist is that India's growth prospects in the coming decade is nowhere near the 10 per cent growth that was assumed until recently. India's potential growth is prob...

    28 Feb 2013, 7.22 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • India offers opportunities for all: TataChem  

    Ramakrishnan Mukundan, who was appointed CEO of the Rs 13,000-crore Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), in 2009 at the age of 42, explains to CNBC-TV18 the challenges, opportunities and vision for the company.

    27 Feb 2013, 6.54 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • India is the future: L'Oreal MD   

    L'Oréal India's Managing Director Jacques Challes tells Forbes India how emerging market innovations are driving the company's growth.

    27 Feb 2013, 5.00 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Europe is in trouble, but opportunities present in India  

    Europe is in trouble but there are opportunities in the Middle East, Russia and India, Frans van Houten tells Forbes India

    27 Feb 2013, 2.55 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Why do entrepreneurs need to look at rural India now?  

    He is known for his bold and unconventional ideas in marketing strategy. That's why, when Harish Bijoor speaks, everyone listens.

    27 Feb 2013, 10.30 am  |  Source: SME Mentor

  • Walmart's backend experience to help India biz: Asia CEO  

    Companies like Walmart have been waiting to get into the Indian market and this gives them access to the organised sector in India.

    27 Feb 2013, 10.25 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Empower the fiscal, don't weaken it: YV Reddy  

    Former RBI governor YV Reddy tells Forbes India that the government should increase fiscal expenditure, as the private sector cannot meet the rising demand for water, sanitation and public health.

    26 Feb 2013, 11.29 am  |  Source: Forbes India

  • 'India may be among top three aviation markets by 2020'  

    India is likely to become one of the top three aviation markets in the world by 2020 provided the strong passenger growth clocked in recent times continues, a Ficci-PwC report said.

    25 Feb 2013, 10.44 am  |  Source: PTI

  • How Motherson Sumi became giant auto parts manufacturer  

    Ashish K Mishra reports how Motherson Sumi became giant auto parts manufacturer. From a non-descript business, Vivek Chand Sehgal has set up one of the top automotive parts companies in the world.

    18 Feb 2013, 12.07 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Govt's reforms push will help return to high growth: RBI  

    Supporting the government's recent reform push, Reserve Bank today said measures like opening up the FDI in some sectors and moves towards fuel price deregulation should put the economy back on the high growth trajectory and spur ...

    29 Jan 2013, 12.16 pm  |  Source: PTI


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