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Budget 2017

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  • Salman Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity 100 List for 2014  

    Though ranked third, Brand Shah Rukh Khan stays undiminished while Amitabh Bachchan moves up three places to second spot.

    12 Dec 2014, 11.09 am  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Shiv Sena rejects BJP's 135-seat sharing formula  

    Traditionally, Shiv Sena gets a larger chunk of seats in the Assembly elections, while the BJP contests more seats in Lok Sabha polls. In the 2009 Assembly polls, Shiv Sena had contested 169 seats and won 44, while BJP bagged 46 d...

    15 Sep 2014, 2.32 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Pranesh Prakash: Influencing India's IP Laws  

    Pranesh Prakash, 28, is already a recognisable name in the field of legal activism.

    28 Feb 2014, 5.01 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Apar Gupta: Emerging Voice in Media Laws  

    This anomaly has proved to be a fertile ground for Apar Gupta who has carved out a niche in media law and freedom as well as the regulations that govern technology platforms like the internet and mobile telephony

    28 Feb 2014, 5.00 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Shuddh desi appeal: Sushant Singh Rajput  

    The 27-year-old Rajput had another dream while he was taking baby steps in the film industry. He wished to be featured in Forbes India! “It was my dream ever since I saw Shah Rukh Khan on the cover,” he says.

    26 Feb 2014, 4.19 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Disrupting broking with flat fee models: Raghu Kumar  

    Raghu, 28, is one of the three founders of RKSV, a discount broking house that is trying to turn the traditional business model of broking on its head. Instead of charging the conventional broking fee, RKSV takes a flat monthly fe...

    26 Feb 2014, 3.05 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Bringing technology to fleet taxis: Bhavish Aggarwal  

    In just two years, Bhavish, 28, has already had a pretty good run with Olacabs. For one, the service is a hit in venture capital (VC) circles, having seen one infusion of angel funding and two rounds of VC funding.

    25 Feb 2014, 12.47 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • MakeMyTrip CEO's tips on San Francisco  

    One of the first things you notice about the San Francisco city is the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system. The other is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is stunning.

    25 Feb 2014, 12.47 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Kishan SS: Kannada teen sensation  

    Kishan SS, the Kannada sensation, directed his first feature film at 9

    24 Feb 2014, 4.22 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Rajkummar Rao: Defying convention  

    Rao is basking in the aftermath of his latest release Shahid, a biopic of lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi

    24 Feb 2014, 4.18 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Housing.Com: Born out of its founders house hunt  

    Rahul Yadav, Advitiya Sharma and 10 other co-founders of Housing.com needed a simple tool to find housing after they graduated. So they built one

    24 Feb 2014, 3.41 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Alok Shetty: From Hospital to Modular Schools  

    Architect Alok Shetty designed a hospital at 20. He is now building modular schools

    21 Feb 2014, 1.42 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Lokesh Karekar: His own product line and company, at 29  

    A visual artist, Karekar dabbles with illustration as well as typography, often employing techniques like clay modelling and paper craft into his work.

    21 Feb 2014, 1.41 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Aditi Gupta: Addressing a social taboo creatively  

    Aditi Gupta's venture Menstrupedia aims to addess a social taboo

    21 Feb 2014, 12.31 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Suhail Yusuf Khan: Creating an unorthodox sound  

    A sarangi player who is audible in a fusion rock band, Suhail Yusuf Khan, 26, is worth making a noise about

    19 Feb 2014, 2.07 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Risks of doing business in 2014  

    The hunt for growth in 2013 has provoked a new wave of trade protectionism. The manner in which countries counter slowing growth will be critical to the political risk landscape.

    19 Feb 2014, 1.57 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • JP Morgan's new fund for investing in Europe  

    Fund managers feel Europe is in recovery mode and is at the same level where the US was in 2011.

    19 Feb 2014, 1.28 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • The Forbes India 30 Under 30 List  

    Showcasing an enterprising new generation that dreams big and refuses to say die

    18 Feb 2014, 4.02 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Any inclusion strategy must be granular and comprehensive’  

    The private sector ICICI Bank (consolidated total assets Rs 6.7 lakh crore) has begun seeing the first major signs of success of an aggressive financial inclusion strategy rolled out three years ago.

    17 Feb 2014, 10.53 am  |  Source: Forbes India

  • How the Apollo, Cooper Deal was botched  

    The Apollo-Cooper merger was announced on June 12, 2013. A day after the announcement, the price of the Apollo Tyres stock, which is traded on the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange, dropped from the pr...

    17 Feb 2014, 10.41 am  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Know more about World War I  

    Lesser known facts about the 100-year-old war

    14 Feb 2014, 4.46 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • A tete-a-tete with Sony Playstation's India head  

    Atindriya Bose, country manager for Sony Playstation India, is looking to lure India’s burgeoning mobile gaming community with Sony’s range of gaming products

    13 Feb 2014, 12.42 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • What Sonalika tractors need to beat the Mahindras  

    They have the money, Blackstone's backing and a sound business strategy. All the Mittals, promoters of Sonalika tractors, need to do to keep up with chief competitor Mahindra Tractors is execute their well-laid plans

    12 Feb 2014, 1.15 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Carbon clean solutions: Clean air for cheaper  

    Aniruddha Sharma's Carbon Clean Solutions is helping small companies deal with CO2 emissions at half the cost

    12 Feb 2014, 12.22 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Motorcycle Review: RE Continental GT  

    It is based on the 500 cc UCE but is stroked out to hit 535 cc. The extra cubes are further helped by work on the intake setup, on the ignition curves, a lighter crank and more.

    12 Feb 2014, 12.21 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • 62 mn houses needed to ensure a home for all: study  

    A study — Housing: The Game Changer, by Cushman & Wakefield and Credai — says the Indian real estate sector needs to build 62.45 million units to fill the demand-supply gap. But a host of factors, including inflow of FDI into ...

    11 Feb 2014, 4.37 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • The steady rise of Pune's Kolte-Patil Developers  

    Pune developer Kolte-Patil fixed its house and made profits when most others are struggling. Now it has drawn up a plan to enter the top league

    11 Feb 2014, 4.19 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Rise of mobile internet in India  

    The study predicts that, by the end of March 2014, there will be 155 million mobile internet users in the country; a rise of 19 percent from 130 million in December 2013.

    11 Feb 2014, 1.22 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Business optimism up, but India slips in gobal rankings  

    According to Grant Thornton, one of the reasons for the rise in optimism seems to be the appointment of Raghuram Rajan as RBI governor.

    10 Feb 2014, 1.11 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

  • Monetary Repression: The End of Trust  

    Recent policy decisions are eroding people’s trust in governments, financial institutions and formal currencies

    10 Feb 2014, 1.06 pm  |  Source: Forbes India

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