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Dec 29, 2016, 08.07 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

HSBC & CNBC-TV18 “The Entrepreneur”: Untold stories of success

The following article is an initiative of CNBC TV18 and is intended to create awareness amongst the readers.

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HSBC & CNBC-TV18 “The Entrepreneur”: Untold stories of success

The following article is an initiative of CNBC TV18 and is intended to create awareness amongst the readers.

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With political and economic forces shaping the very way business is done or will be done in the future, there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, to tackle challenges head on, and fuel that aspirational drive to create and innovate.


What comes out loud and clear from the above narrative is that come what may, the entrepreneur as a class is one that will not only survive but thrive in all circumstances. Right from homegrown companies like Infosys, Tatas to the global conglomerates like  Ford, GE, and Disney, these stories have stood the test of time, and now the baton has passed on to a new class of entrepreneurs namely Tesla, Paytm, Flipkart Alibaba to name a few. The world is the oyster for entrepreneurs.


The cause of the entrepreneur is something we at CNBC-TV18 have always endorsed. We have spoken of stories of courage of entrepreneurs, of facing their worst fears, of successive failures to reaching the pinnacle of success. In other words, we have covered the deep chasm that lies between failure and success and what it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s day and age. Our webisode series “The Entrepreneur,” a partnership with HSBC is an attempt to track the lesser known companies and bring their amazing stories to light. So that it can inspire thousands to do likewise. 


Last week, we focused on Simplilearn and Craftsvilla. This week we look at Natural Remedies and Infrasoft Technologies. Can you imagine setting up a business inspired by the great epic Mahabharata? Well, that’s exactly what Ramlal Agarwal did by setting up Natural Remedies, a veterinary herbal company in the early fifties.  Right from his childhood days while hearing stories from Mahabharata he was intrigued by the fact that Margosa tree was used to treat animals afflicted by war wounds, skin diseases, and lice.


So when he grew up and saw the plight of farmers in treating animal diseases he decided to make a business out of it by providing a cure for animal ailments from natural resources. Natural Remedies today is a leading herbal based research driven company that manufactures and supplies standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals, and herbal veterinary healthcare products to over 25 countries.


Infrasoft Technologies is the story of an I.T. company and how it has carved a niche for itself in the banking space, right from offering core banking solutions, to mobile payments to banking products to microfinance solutions. Under the able guidance of Rajesh Mirjankar, CEO of Infrasoft Technologies is indeed combining high tech with high touch to give its consumers unparalleled facilities.


These stories speak of the courage that it takes to carry on in the face of adversity and surmount each challenge -- internal and external. Take a look at these stories and they might just inspire and awaken the hidden entrepreneur within!

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