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Jun 28, 2006, 12.40 PM | Source: CNBC-TV18

Superman's Indian connections

Superman returns to celluloid, and this time it has some Indian connection.

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Supermans Indian connections

Superman returns to celluloid, and this time it has some Indian connection.

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Supermans Indian connections
Superman returns to celluloid and this time it has some Indian roots. As Brandon Routh prepared to play the Man of Steel, it took some Indian input to get those muscles rippling under the Superman costume.

Routh told CNN-IBN, "One of the first things I started doing was rope yoga, which one of my trainers developed. That was very good mentally and physically for a lot of health reasons and also for my core strengthening - my abdomen, opening of my back - so that I could sustain this position for a very long time. It ends up being very calming."

A more visible element in Superman Returns is the upcoming Hollywood actor Kal Penn, star of recent hits like 'Harlod & Kumar go to White Castle'. Kal's replay of Lex Luther's sidekicks in the movie, was a popular presence on the set.

Director Bryan Singer says, "I met him through Brandon, they're friends. He had a larger role but I reduced it a bit. Maybe some of those things will appear in the later incarnations of the movie or something, but he was terrific."

Parker Posey adds, "I would always go to Kal's room to hang out he was making a funny movie on the set, while we were doing Superman and he had these rocks and crystals - he was making fun of the whole thing - he was adorable and great.

And Indian guys may think that the bad guy, Lex Luther and his companion Kitty Kovalsky were inspired by over-the-top Bollywood villains and vamps. Actors Kevin Spacy and Parker Posey say they were not. Kevin Spacey says, "There's a campy kind of element to Kitty.  It's a comic book movie, and we would love to get into Bollywood."

Throw in the visual effects that make Superman fly and hey, it's almost an Indian movie! Superman returns to India and to screens around the world on June 28. An Imax version of the movie will be screened in three Indian cities - Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. It's been a long wait, but well worth it. 

Indira Kannan

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