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Jun 16, 2017 09:24 AM IST | Source:

ICC Champions Trophy: India beats Bangladesh by 9 wickets; sets-up final with Pakistan

Live updates as Bangladesh take on India at Edgbaston in the semifinals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

  • Jun 15, 02:59 PM (IST)


  • Jun 15, 10:12 PM (IST)

    Join us on Sunday as we bring you the full coverage of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Final between India and Pakistan.

  • Jun 15, 10:09 PM (IST)

    The Indian team will take a lot of positives from this win. Only Australia have successfully defended their Champions Trophy title (in 2009).

    The Indian team looks like a well-oiled machine as they travel to London to play arch-rivals Pakistan at The Oval on Sunday. It doesn’t get bigger than this.

  • Jun 15, 10:06 PM (IST)

    There were high expectations from Bangladesh to give a fight today. On a pitch that looks good for a 320 plus score, Bangladesh managed only 264. That was never going to be enough, especially against India.

    India’s batting line up is considered as one of the best in the world right now and that was seen today.

    The first wicket partnership laid the foundation for India. Shikhar Dhawan's 46 of just 34 balls kept India ahead of the required run rate right from the beginning.

    But Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma adopted well. They were composed and looked patient throughout the inning. It was this exuberance that gave India a comprehensive win today.

    Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli scored unbeaten 123 and 96 respectively which were nothing short of what can be called sublime. In the process, Kohli became the fastest batsman to reach 8,000 ODI runs.

    In the end, India proved to be too good for Bangladesh who were playing the first semi-final in their history.

  • Jun 15, 10:01 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:57 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:44 PM (IST)

    Rohit Sharma has been named Man of the Match.

  • Jun 15, 09:41 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:41 PM (IST)

    India have reached the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. They will play Pakistan on Sunday at The Oval, London.

  • Jun 15, 09:39 PM (IST)

    That's it! Kohli scores a boundary off the first ball of the over.

    India beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets!

  • Jun 15, 09:37 PM (IST)

    Even as Kohli can reach a century by hitting only boundaries, the duo are only taking singles. India need 4 runs to win now.

    SCORE: India 261/1 after 40 overs

  • Jun 15, 09:35 PM (IST)

    Massive! 8,000 runs for Virat Kohli (on 89) as he nears his century. India need just 9 to win though.

    SCORE: India 256/1 after 39 overs

  • Jun 15, 09:32 PM (IST)

    10 runs off this quick Shakib over, including a beautiful four on the leg-side and then one on the off-side.

    SCORE: India 249/1 after 38 overs (need 16 to win)

  • Jun 15, 09:30 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:28 PM (IST)

    Four off the first ball. Another one off the fourth. Looks like they are in a hurry to catch a train to The Oval! 

    SCORE: India 239/1 after 37 overs (need 26 to win)

  • Jun 15, 09:25 PM (IST)

    An over that lasted under two minutes! Looks like Shakib is in a hurry too. 5 off it.

    SCORE: India 229/1 after 36 overs (need 36 to win off 84 balls)

  • Jun 15, 09:22 PM (IST)

    Another four for Sharma off a half-volley. 6 off the over.

    SCORE: India 224/1 after 35 overs (need 41 to win off 90 balls)

  • Jun 15, 09:18 PM (IST)

    Misfield in the deep gives Kohli a boundary. Agitated faces on the field as India launch the final assault in this match.

    SCORE: India 218/1 after 34 overs (need 47 to win off 96 balls)

  • Jun 15, 09:14 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:13 PM (IST)

    100 for Rohit Sharma! He gets there with a six! 11th ODI century for him. Earier in the over, Kohli punched the first ball by Mustafizur down the ground for four runs. The crowd is loving it.

    SCORE: India 212/1 after 33 overs

  • Jun 15, 09:08 PM (IST)

    200 up for India! India is sailing as Sharma nears his century after this quick over by Shakib.

    SCORE: India 201/1 after 32 overs

  • Jun 15, 09:06 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 09:05 PM (IST)

    Sharma looks in a hurry to get to his century. Doesn't look like Bangladesh will be able to stop that. 9 off Mohammad Mahmudullah's first over, including 2 boundaries.

    SCORE: India 198/1 after 31 overs

  • Jun 15, 09:02 PM (IST)

    Just 3 runs off this Shakib over. But, the hundred-run partnership is up for Rohit and Virat as Edgbaston applauds. All eyes on Rohit Sharma now who has now crossed 90.

    SCORE: India 188/1 after 30 overs

  • Jun 15, 08:59 PM (IST)

    Half-century for Virat Kohli! 8 off this Taskin over. India now need 80 off 126 balls. This is turning out to be a cake walk for India.

    SCORE: India 185/1 after 29 overs

  • Jun 15, 08:55 PM (IST)

    Patient batting by India as Rohit nears 90. Kohli on the other hand is nearing 50. What a partnership this is turning out to be.

    SCORE: India 177/1 after 28 overs

  • Jun 15, 08:51 PM (IST)

    Bangladesh would be hoping for it. But they'll need much more. Taskin gives away just one off his fourth. 

    SCORE: India 173/1 after 27 overs

  • Jun 15, 08:48 PM (IST)
  • Jun 15, 08:47 PM (IST)

    Mosaddek continues. Kohli places one well for four as India score eight of the over.

    SCORE: India 171/1 after 26 overs

  • Jun 15, 08:44 PM (IST)

    Good over by Taskin. Just 3 off it. Bangladesh will b pleased!

    SCORE: India 164/1 after 25 overs

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