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Gold a safe investment for the year 2009

According to Lt Col Ajay CEO, Gold is supposed be safe investment for the year 2009. As per Astro calculations year China may give big surprise to world in Gold productions. Investers may keep eyes on gold with expected 20% to 30% annual return on investment if invest right now.

According to Lt Col Ajay CEO The year 2008 has been a very difficult year for investors. And most are eager to put it behind them while hoping for a better 2009. As per Astro economics year 2009 is expected to bring good hopes for Asian market .It include stock and commodity market. Of course it may not be very good for US economy since more damage is expected now this time European Economies may also suffer during year 2009. As per Finical astrology during year 2009 all those countries located near sea or water may effect badly during first half of the year. Few advance predictions base on stars for Indian stock, commodity and forex are as under for you

1-Geo-political tensions -Important planet Saturn come under retrograded in Leo during first of Jan 2009. Jupiter is also in Capricorn. This not good sign of worlds peace. Some major geo-political tension is expected   especially in the month of Jan 09 to Second week of Feb 2009 This very crucial period for Asia. If we go through past. Saturn always gives some change and ups and down for in India. Saturn was in Leo during Independence of  India and Pakistan  after  big carnage , Again Saturn in Leo in year 1977 ( year of Emergency in Country and down fall Of  Mrs. Indira Gandhi govt ) Now  again Saturn is in Leo  till Sept first week 2009) . Jan to March 2009 There should be again big problems at world levels specially Bratin, USA, Middle East, India and Pakistan. 
2-Crude oil- As per astro Economics this is time for investment in crude oil for short term trading. Since crude oil as been shoot up from US$ 15 to US$ 147 in last five years. Most benefited countries were Middle East, and Russia. Major big upward movement was seen during year 2008. Now as long term view crude oil is in bearish phase but as immediate short term trend in crude oil is bullish. Base on stars , I foresee bullish trend in crude oil in month of Jan 2009
3-Bullion Gold is supposed be safe investment for the year 2009. As per Astro calculations year China may give big surprise to world in Gold productions. Investers may keep eyes on gold with expected 20% to 30% annual return on investment if invest right now
4-Inflations numbers in India-  Expected inflations should be less then 3.5 % within 2 to 4 months time
5-GDP growth  of India is expected to between 7% to 8% during  year 2009
6-Stock market As per astro economics  most important sector is expected for Media for print and Electronic media, Oil And Gas, Power, Heavy engineering, Infrastructure , fertilizer , telecommunications  etc . Lots of Foreign direct investment is expected in banking and Insurance, Media, Power sector. During 2009. My favorite sector for entertainment and media, power and oil gas for the year 2009. Indian stock market BSE sensex is expected to be between 9200 to 11400 in next 3 months
7-Indian economy -  A very special revolutions is expected during 2009 to 2011- in field energy sectors. Astro-Economics says that India is going to bring great revolutions in field of Power and crude oil. Since Year 2009 represents figure (Two) and as per finical numerology Figure two is represented by queen of all planets Moon. Therefore lots of productions of crude oil from water and desert. As result India need to spend 30% to 40% less in crude oil Import.
8-Most benefited state of India-  Rajasthan , Gujrat  and Tamil Nadu, are in top of list for best benefited state of India during year 2009
9-During year 2009-10 there are great chances that Indian and Chinese currencies may turn at world currencies against US dollars. At presents majority of payment are done through US dollars. It is expected that Asian Tiger and Chinese Dragon may  do well in Forex market also
10-Next Miss World and Oscar award would be from India, as Films most benefited stars would be Amir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Few Indian writer may come in lime light during 2009. Indian cricket team may stands in first two places in test and One day cricket. Mahinder Singh Dhoni may be very lucky for country for year 2009 first quarter of year 2009 may bring luck for India. Year 2009 may be lucky for winning Oscar award.
11-Dr Man Mohan Singh is expected to be most lucky politician in world for the year 2009-10
12-The above advance predictions are made base on study of stars, and numerology.

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