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  • Time to take a step back

    Time to take a step back   

    This is a start of a May series. They say “sell in May and go away”, of course it has been proven right at times as well but May in the past has also been a series in which we have seen huge rallies as well.

    28 Apr 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • One final round of short squeeze

    One final round of short squeeze   

    If you have been listening to what I have been saying for the last two-three days, you would have made a lot of money because expiry week is about momentum, momentum is strong.

    27 Apr 2017, 8.13 am  |  Source:

  • Market still has legs to go

    Market still has legs to go   

    If this was not expiry week, the market would have struggled to take out the 9,270 mark.

    26 Apr 2017, 8.02 am  |  Source:

  • Nifty, Bank Nifty may test new high   

    So the focus should be on the old economy and there is a good chance that this market on the Bank Nifty should make a new all-time high today and even on the Nifty.

    25 Apr 2017, 8.22 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on midcap stocks

    Focus on midcap stocks   

    The foreign institutional investors (FII) money has gone missing all of a sudden, that is why the market is not able to breakout but because the market has downside support, individual midcaps are doing well.

    24 Apr 2017, 8.24 am  |  Source:

  • See positive opening

    See positive opening   

    Nifty ended virtually at the high point of the day in yesterday’s trading session, will open up in the green, should open up closer toward 9,155 odd mark.

    21 Apr 2017, 8.20 am  |  Source:

  • 9050 crucial level

    9050 crucial level   

    The market went to the higher end, could not sustain there, came down quite sharply, now there is a good chance that the market goes towards the lower end of the band towards 9,050 or so and there is a very good chance that even t...

    19 Apr 2017, 8.17 am  |  Source:

  • Wait till 10 am, then make a move

    Wait till 10 am, then make a move   

    This is going to be one bull market correction that is going to be 1,000 point correction on the Nifty but what would be that correction, we do not know that yet.

    18 Apr 2017, 8.23 am  |  Source:

  • Look for dips, don’t chase rallies

    Look for dips, don’t chase rallies   

    Look for dips, don’t chase rallies

    17 Apr 2017, 8.52 am  |  Source:

  • Keep eye on Infosys results, guidance

    Keep eye on Infosys results, guidance  


    13 Apr 2017, 8.32 am  |  Source:

  • See consolidation today

    See consolidation today   


    12 Apr 2017, 8.41 am  |  Source:

  • See rangebound movement

    See rangebound movement   


    11 Apr 2017, 8.30 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on earnings season

    Focus on earnings season   


    10 Apr 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Buy the bigger dips

    Buy the bigger dips   

    The problem is that the market my sense is would have anyway fallen today at least in the first half because in general yesterday was quite okay I mean first dip normally gets bought so that is what happened yesterday.

    07 Apr 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Use dips to buy

    Use dips to buy   

    My sense is that today could be a day where you just want to buy intraday at the low point.

    06 Apr 2017, 8.32 am  |  Source:

  • Time for risk management

    Time for risk management   

    The sense I get is that the kind of basket buying that we saw on Monday as well Reliance, Larsen, HDFC of the world is indicating a smacking of that buying.

    05 Apr 2017, 8.24 am  |  Source:

  • Follow template, buy dips

    Follow template, buy dips   

    I think the market may want to take a step back now after having run-up so much.

    03 Apr 2017, 8.16 am  |  Source:

  • Momentum strong

    Momentum strong   

    My sense is today is again going to be a good day for intraday trades and again the market gives you a flat start or gives you a dip at any point that dip would be a buying opportunity but from intraday point of view now.

    31 Mar 2017, 8.01 am  |  Source:

  • Bulls in control

    Bulls in control   

    The point I have been making for last one month or two months is that on any day if the market shows you red tick if you buy, you will make money. Not on that day but at some point maybe next day, day after or at some point.

    30 Mar 2017, 8.10 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on PSU banks

    Focus on PSU banks   

    The problem now is that yesterday again the market would have frustrated those who would have waited for the gap up because after gap the market gave you hardly 10 or 20 points.

    29 Mar 2017, 8.33 am  |  Source:

  • Rally possible today

    Rally possible today   

    Risk reward now favours you to take a long position.

    28 Mar 2017, 8.21 am  |  Source:

  • F&O expiry week ahead

    F&O expiry week ahead   


    27 Mar 2017, 8.20 am  |  Source:

  • Don’t chase momentum

    Don’t chase momentum   

    Just be a bit cautious of some midcaps because 12 F&O stocks are in ban now, so not a good sign.

    24 Mar 2017, 8.41 am  |  Source:

  • First hour crucial

    First hour crucial   

    This still remains a market in which you will make money by buying the dips, but my only problem is that that the view was so consensus that the dip could be a bit more than you have bargained for.

    23 Mar 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Trade with caution

    Trade with caution   

    Overnight we have seen big sell-off in the global markets Dow in particular, this morning Nikkei has picked it up. But you know what the SGX Nifty is indicating a gap down of 65-70 points.

    22 Mar 2017, 8.27 am  |  Source:

  • Consolidation phase

    Consolidation phase   


    21 Mar 2017, 8.26 am  |  Source:

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