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  • Can Nifty cross 8500?

    Can Nifty cross 8500?   

    02 Jul 2015, 8.49 am  |  Source:

    It is a market which is right now in a mood to react only to positive news and is buying any kind of dips....

  • Nifty ends at 8453 after a good trading session

    Nifty ends at 8453 after a good trading session   

    01 Jul 2015, 8.05 pm  |  Source:

    Today was a splendid day’s trade. We saw broad based buying, the entire market did well. At the end of the day the Sensex crossed 28,000 mark on a c...

  • Is market immune to Greece?

    Is market immune to Greece?   

    01 Jul 2015, 8.39 am  |  Source:

    For market Greece will be noise factor all through this week. Once that is over the market would focus back on domestic earnings which is something wh...

  • Expect sharp move; 8180-8200 firm support

    Expect sharp move; 8180-8200 firm support   

    30 Jun 2015, 8.25 am  |  Source:

    Yesterday’s sharp rally though established one point that this market has firm support at 8,180-8,200 at least that is one mark which the bulls woul...

  • Will Greece derail Indian market recovery?

    Will Greece derail Indian market recovery?   

    29 Jun 2015, 8.25 am  |  Source:

    Today could be a rough day because you will have a gap down and after that there will be attempts to recover or there is a good chance that recovery g...

  • Nifty: Expiry at 8400?

    Nifty: Expiry at 8400?   

    25 Jun 2015, 8.32 am  |  Source:

    It has been that kind of a series where you don't know what to say much about the expiry day. Yesterday the Greece issue clearly acted as a bit of an ...

  • Can Nifty take out 8400?

    Can Nifty take out 8400?   

    24 Jun 2015, 8.52 am  |  Source:

    The foreign institutional investors (FII) data in cash market is still something which you have to take with the pinch of salt because the kind of vol...

  • Here`s how market performed on June 22

    Here's how market performed on June 22   

    22 Jun 2015, 6.06 pm  |  Source:

    CNBC-TV18's Nigel D'Souza wraps up June 22nd equity market trading action....

  • Tracking expiry cues

    Tracking expiry cues   

    22 Jun 2015, 8.29 am  |  Source:

    The near-term, the last three-four days clearly would tell you that the bulls have the momentum but if you were to extend the timeline a bit and go ev...

  • See momentum on upside

    See momentum on upside   

    18 Jun 2015, 9.16 am  |  Source:

    We saw a pick up in the volumes as well, so that is a good sign especially in the cash side. The midcaps performed very well, the midcap Index rallied...

  • Nifty may rally to 8150-8200

    Nifty may rally to 8150-8200   

    17 Jun 2015, 9.01 am  |  Source:

    There could be a bit of a bounce towards 8,150-8,200 level but that will be an important resistance and a difficult one to conquer as well. ...

  • Markets in sell on rally mode

    Markets in sell on rally mode   

    16 Jun 2015, 9.20 am  |  Source:

    For now, it looks like the market is grinding lower. It has corrected 10 percent already, more than that and I won't be surprised if it has to complet...

  • Below 7880, Nifty may slip by 300-400 points

    Below 7880, Nifty may slip by 300-400 points   

    15 Jun 2015, 8.59 am  |  Source:

    This is a short series so we have already started the pre-expiry week. Next week is expiry and with so much momentum at the disposal, I don't think th...

  • Expect Nifty to test 7600-7800

    Expect Nifty to test 7600-7800   

    12 Jun 2015, 8.42 am  |  Source:

    Experts are saying that the Nifty can head lower and even test levels of 7,600-7,800 at this point in time....

  • Market will defend 8000 level

    Market will defend 8000 level   

    10 Jun 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    At that 8,000 level where we are standing right now, it is an important resistance level, there has been a fair amount of build up as well in the futu...

  • Expect market to remain a bit subdued

    Expect market to remain a bit subdued   

    08 Jun 2015, 8.49 am  |  Source:

    Going forward as well the market is expected to remain a bit subdued, they could correct some more....

  • See poor opening; eyes on Greece

    See poor opening; eyes on Greece   

    05 Jun 2015, 8.52 am  |  Source:

    For today the SGX is indicating that it could be a start in the red and that is primarily because of what we are seeing in the global markets. So, for...

  • Below 8000, Nifty may dip to 7600

    Below 8000, Nifty may dip to 7600   

    04 Jun 2015, 8.40 am  |  Source:

    The problem for the markets is there are no real upside trigger. Earnings were weak and earnings recovery is still perhaps a few quarters away....

  • Support for Nifty at 8000

    Support for Nifty at 8000   

    03 Jun 2015, 8.42 am  |  Source:

    Yesterday turned out to be a terrible session for our market. We collapsed nearly 2.5 percent on the Nifty, the banks were under-performing, down clos...

  • Market before policy

    Market before policy   

    02 Jun 2015, 9.00 am  |  Source:

    Bsically everyone has gone into credit policy event in a wait and watch mode. All eyes will be on that....

  • New series – new start

    New series – new start   

    29 May 2015, 8.35 am  |  Source:

    As far as the overall trend for the market is concerned, I would be watching out for further sale off in China because if that happens that is good ne...

  • Expiry today

    Expiry today   

    28 May 2015, 8.40 am  |  Source:

    Today is expiry day and that is the most important cue, forget about everything else because for the Nifty it is a battle of 8,300. Yesterday if it wa...

  • Bulls beware

    Bulls beware   

    27 May 2015, 8.44 am  |  Source:

    It is a perfect cocktail for bears right now and they are going to come in this market after being cornered for better part of last one month, they ar...

  • Rangebound market trade seen

    Rangebound market trade seen   

    26 May 2015, 8.41 am  |  Source:

    As we enter into today, a couple of things are important. One is this 8,450 level on the Nifty, which proves to be a key resistant zone; up until expi...

  • Expiry week- advantage bulls?

    Expiry week- advantage bulls?   

    25 May 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    The global markets are supporting, there is foreign institutional investors (FII) buying albeit in a small number but there is quite a bit of FII buyi...

  • Interest rate cut: Why it matters to you

    Interest rate cut: Why it matters to you  

    16 Jan 2015, 9.44 am  |  Source:

    If you’ve been putting off taking that home loan because you were waiting for a rate cut.. well help is at hand! The Reserve Bank has gone ahead and...

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