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  • Don’t chase momentum

    Don’t chase momentum   

    Just be a bit cautious of some midcaps because 12 F&O stocks are in ban now, so not a good sign.

    24 Mar 2017, 8.41 am  |  Source:

  • First hour crucial

    First hour crucial   

    This still remains a market in which you will make money by buying the dips, but my only problem is that that the view was so consensus that the dip could be a bit more than you have bargained for.

    23 Mar 2017, 8.19 am  |  Source:

  • Trade with caution

    Trade with caution   

    Overnight we have seen big sell-off in the global markets Dow in particular, this morning Nikkei has picked it up. But you know what the SGX Nifty is indicating a gap down of 65-70 points.

    22 Mar 2017, 8.27 am  |  Source:

  • Consolidation phase

    Consolidation phase   


    21 Mar 2017, 8.26 am  |  Source:

  • Stay nimble today

    Stay nimble today   

    My personal assessment is that hung assemblies are a thing of past. Voters these days give decisive outcome and in that case, the market may tend to react more to the ones, which are giving clear majority to the BJP but still they...

    10 Mar 2017, 10.11 am  |  Source:

  • Focus on oil using stocks today

    Focus on oil using stocks today   

    For today just focus on users of crude oil - aviation, oil marketing companies, paints and tyres. If these stocks give you an opportunity to buy go buy them.

    09 Mar 2017, 8.16 am  |  Source:

  • Second half today crucial

    Second half today crucial   

    My sense is that the second half today could be crucial because the exit poll somehow has been pushed to 9th but the market will know by tomorrow.

    08 Mar 2017, 8.20 am  |  Source:

  • Buy dips, don`t chase momentum

    Buy dips, don't chase momentum   

    The market opens gap up, after that it does not give too much intraday follow through. So, the sense here is that next time the market consolidates or gives you a dip, you have to buy because the market will immediately bounce bac...

    07 Mar 2017, 8.33 am  |  Source:

  • Positive trend to continue

    Positive trend to continue   

    It is going to be a very interesting week for the market, in fact the market hit a fresh 52-week high last week and in all likelihood the positive trend of the market will continue this week as well.

    06 Mar 2017, 8.18 am  |  Source:

  • Buy the dips but don’t chase momentum

    Buy the dips but don’t chase momentum   

    Once again the market punished those who were chasing momentum because the market did open at 52-week high, so it would have rewarded those who would have bought on Monday and Tuesday. But, it would have punished you if you had bo...

    03 Mar 2017, 8.07 am  |  Source:

  • Bulls bossing around now

    Bulls bossing around now   

    Market has been saying that it is one step back two steps forward and in that case the market took that one step back on Monday and Tuesday and now one step forward was taken yesterday and one step forward would be taken again tod...

    02 Mar 2017, 8.07 am  |  Source:

  • Bulls in control

    Bulls in control   

    This is a market which at some point will again break out, it is a matter of when and not if the market hits all time high of 9,100 could well happen may be post exit poll outcome if that is favourable for BJP.

    01 Mar 2017, 8.25 am  |  Source:

  • 1 step back, 2 forward

    1 step back, 2 forward   

    This is a market which is now taking that one step back which would put the market in a healthy position to take next two steps forward.

    28 Feb 2017, 8.11 am  |  Source:

  • Long series, heavy on data

    Long series, heavy on data   

    What could that negative news be? As of now the market has started to price in a BJP victory in the UP elections. Suppose that doesn’t happen that is a big negative. So, that is a bit of a risk right now, but short of that the m...

    27 Feb 2017, 8.17 am  |  Source:

  • Expect volatility on expiry day

    Expect volatility on expiry day   

    The market will be watching out for whether this is going to continue, whether it was just a flash in the pan but if you go by all of the brokerage reports which have come through overnight, it indicates that maybe Reliance Indust...

    23 Feb 2017, 8.35 am  |  Source:

  • Ride the momentum

    Ride the momentum   

    Today and tomorrow you got to buy all dips in consolidation because the momentum is so strong, the momentum alone is going to take market higher now.

    22 Feb 2017, 8.17 am  |  Source:

  • Buy dips, don`t chase momentum

    Buy dips, don't chase momentum   

    The market is telling you that it is a buy on dips market, you buy dips. It is telling you that it will punish you if you chase momentum, so don’t chase momentum and it is telling you that it will punish you if you sell on decli...

    21 Feb 2017, 8.21 am  |  Source:

  • HDFC Bank could swing things today

    HDFC Bank could swing things today   

    The only worry point for me is how could the HDFC Bank issue sort out because it clearly closed off the highs on Friday and that let the Bank Nifty and Nifty also off the highs and that is why the Nifty could not really close abov...

    20 Feb 2017, 8.26 am  |  Source:

  • HDFC Bank, Cadila in focus

    HDFC Bank, Cadila in focus   

    Now bulls won’t get a better chance than today to take out 8,820 because HDFC Bank could rally 5 or 6 percent straight away at open and that would mean huge contribution. Almost, 40 point contribution to the Nifty.

    17 Feb 2017, 8.12 am  |  Source:

  • Midcaps vulnerable now

    Midcaps vulnerable now   

    In the midcaps book out now because tell-tale warning signs were visible with the way 10 F&O stocks were in ban, India VIX was at 11, so for me those two would always remain the most classical indicators of a midcap topping out.

    16 Feb 2017, 8.31 am  |  Source:

  • Market consolidating, eyes on Tata Motors

    Market consolidating, eyes on Tata Motors   

    Selling by the DIIs to some extent has started reflecting in the broader market and some weakness is creeping in over there.

    15 Feb 2017, 8.43 am  |  Source:

  • Trade cautiously

    Trade cautiously   

    As of now, I would want to believe that this is a market which is still in a big uptrend and it is a matter of when and not if Nifty breaks out and goes to all-time high.

    14 Feb 2017, 8.16 am  |  Source:

  • New highs soon?

    New highs soon?   

    The Bank Nifty needs to do is not fall much and the market will be at all-time highs sooner than a lot of people would bargain for.

    13 Feb 2017, 8.36 am  |  Source:

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