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Terms and Conditions of "Vote on Account Challenge"

By participating in the Vote on Account Challenge (hereinafter referred to as "this Contest"), you (i.e., the "Contestant") irrevocably and unequivocally agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") between the Contestant and TV18 Broadcast Limited ("TV18"):


1. This Contest is organized by TV18 as a joint contest on its 2 (two) news channels CNBCTV18 and CNBC AWAAZ and shall be conducted from 8:00 to 16:00 Indian Standard Time (IST) on 17th February, 2014 ("Term").

2.This Contest is open only to Indian Citizens who are resident in India at the time of conducting this Contest and above the age of eighteen (18) years. In the event that a person is below the age of eighteen (18) years and participates and wins this Contest, he/she shall be disqualified forthwith and shall not be entitled to the Prize (defined below).

3. This Contest is not open for employees and/or family members of TV18 or any other Network18 Media & Investments Limited subsidiaries or group companies and those of the Sponsor (defined below) and any of their subsidiaries or group companies.

4. The Contestant agrees to provide complete and correct information with respect to his/her identity, contact details, permanent account number ("PAN"), age and such other information as may be required by TV18 from time to time. TV18 has the right at any time to ask the Contestant to provide proof of identity and/or eligibility (which may include asking for a copy of the Contestant's itemized telephone bill). Failure to provide such proof by Contestant immediately upon request by TV18, could result in his/her disqualification from the Contest and/or the withdrawal of the Prize/es (defined below) at the sole discretion of TV18.

5. This Contest will be jointly aired on TV18's channel "CNBC TV18" and "CNBC AWAAZ" during the Term.

6. The Contestant can participate in this Contest in the following manner:

  • 6.1. During the Term of this Contest one (1) question will be flashed every hour between 8:00 to 16:00 hours IST amounting to a total of eight (8) questions during the Term and the Contestant will be required to give the correct answer as stated herein below.
  • 6.2. Each question will have three (3) options, i.e., A, B and C and the Contestant will be required to choose the correct answer in the following manner: SMS BB Question No. A/B/C to 51818. E.g. BB 2A to 51818. Kindly note that the cost of each SMS shall be charged by the respective mobile operators and the same will be borne solely by the Contestant.

7. From all the participants who have sent the correct answer, eight (8) winners will be selected via a computerized random selection process ("Winners").

8. The Winners of the Contest will be announced by 17:00 hours IST by way of a text or ticker or on a graphic plate on TV18's channel "CNBC TV18" and "CNBC AWAAZ".

9. TV18 accepts no responsibility under any circumstance whatsoever for including but not limited to incomplete or incomprehensible entries, for technical and/or telephone networks, which become lost, misdirected or delayed. Any such entries will be deemed void and the decision of TV18 in this respect will be final and binding.

10. The Contest is an hourly contest. The entries shall be sent latest by the end of the hour within which the question is telecast and only such entries will be considered valid. Entries received after the end of the hour in which the question is telecast will be considered invalid. For e.g. any answer for a query asked between 8.00 am - 9.00 am IST should be entered into the Contest latest by 9.00 am IST. Any answer entered after 9.00 am IST will be considered invalid.

11. The Prize shall comprise of either 1 LED TV or 1 holiday package (hereinafter referred to as "Prize") which shall be 'up for grabs' every hour. The Prizes shall be sponsored by M/s. Southern Travels, M/s. Sterling Holidays and M/s. Mitashi ("Sponsor"). It is clarified that any and all responsibility in respect of the Prize(s) shall rest with the Sponsor alone and TV18 has no role or liability in the same. In the event that any of the Prize Winners selected by TV18 is unwilling or unable to give his/her acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, TV18 shall select another winner who gives his/her acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the Contest. The Winners of the Prize will be announced only after the Winners of the Prize give their acceptance of compliance of the Terms and Conditions of this Contest.

12. The Sponsor shall dispatch the Prize within a period of 120 (One Hundred and Twenty) days after acceptance of the said Terms and Conditions by the Winners. The Sponsor shall communicate to the Winners the mode and manner of delivery of the Prize. TV18 makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied and shall have no responsibility as regards the Prize, its colour, condition, its fitness for a particular purpose, etc. TV18 shall not be responsible for any deficiency in the Prize and/or service, in relation to the Prize in any manner whatsoever. Grievances, if any, in this regard shall be directly addressed to the Sponsor of the Prize.

13. Upon being declared a Winner, the Winners will be required to comply with the following pre-requisites prior to being handed over the Prize:

  • i. Furnishing his/her name, address, age, sex, contact number;
  • ii. A copy of his/her Photo identity card, PAN card;
  • iii. Any valid Proof of address;
  • iv. Proof of the ownership of the mobile number.
  • In addition to the above, in case the Sponsor requires any additional documents/ information, for confirmation, the Sponsor shall convey the same to the Winner and the Winner will be required to comply with requirements of the Sponsor. In case of non-compliance in submission of such documents/ additional documents/ information, the Sponsor may decide against giving the Prize to the Winner and the Winner shall have no objection to the same. TV18 will be required to share the information submitted by the Contestant with the Sponsors or its officers and representatives. The Winner specifically provides his no-objection to such sharing of information by TV18 and shall not initiate any claims against TV18 in regard to such information.

14. The Winners will be solely liable to pay any and all taxes, levies, charges, etc. that may be applicable in respect of winning the said Prize. TV18 shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever in the event of non-payment by the Winner of any such applicable taxes, levies, charges, etc. Any expenses incurred by TV18 in respect of such unpaid by tax will be solely to the cost and expense of the Winner. Upon winning the Prize the Winner will be required to intimate the Sponsor of the place (out of the aforesaid places) that is most proximate to the Winner along with the tentative date and time when the Winner intends to collect the Prize. The Prize would be delivered/handed over to the Winners only at the agreed place and after proper identification and verification.

15. The Prize shall not be transferable / redeemable for kind. No request shall be entertained by TV18 in this regard

16. TV18 shall contact the Winners on the telephone numbers provided by the Contestant to a maximum of three (3) times. In the event that any of the Winners is not available/reachable on the number provided by the Contestant, such Winner forfeits his/her right to the Prize and TV18 may in its sole discretion hand over the Prize to another winner and the same shall be final and binding.

17. If the telephone number of any Contestant has been transferred to another individual after entry into the Contest, the Contestant who owned the telephone number at the time of entry into the contest shall not claim the Prize or make any claims in respect of the Contest in this regard.

18. If any of the Prize Winners do not convey their acceptance within 24 hrs of intimation of the same, the Prize shall unconditionally and irrevocably lapse and such Winner will cease to have any right, interest or claim in the same.

19. The Contestant expressly agrees that TV18 will have the unfettered right to reproduce all the entries on any and all formats, media and/or mediums including but not limited to television, internet, mobile, print, etc.

20. All rights (including intellectual property rights), title, claim and interest in the promotional material(s) and any/all entries received shall vest solely and exclusively with TV18 at all times.

21. TV18 shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that maybe suffered as a result of participating in this Contest or using any Prize.

22. TV18 accepts no responsibility for any variation in the Prize shown.

23. TV18 accepts no responsibility if the Prize shipment does not reach in its actual form.

24. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Contest, Terms and Conditions, etc., the decision of TV18's management shall be final and binding on all concerned. No correspondence disputing this Contest, Terms and Conditions, decision relating to the Winners, any decision of TV18's management, etc will be entertained by TV18.

25. TV18 reserves the right to change/modify, alter or cancel/postpone this Contest in part or in full or change any or all of the Terms and Conditions and/or eligibility criteria of this Contest at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice/intimation and without assigning any reason and shall not be liable for any consequential losses/damages.

26. All applicable taxes, duties or levies as may be applicable from time to time, arising out of Prize, shall be payable by the winner of the respective Prize. Winners must have a valid PAN card to claim the Prize and has to submit a copy of the same before receiving the Prize. Taxes and levies on winnings may be imposed by Central, State and Local government authorities from time to time and the Winners are fully responsible in this regard for the same. All costs and expenses for collecting the Prize will be borne by the Winners and no claim of whatsoever nature will be entertained by TV18 in this regard.

27. TV18 shall not be liable for any loss, damage, theft, or any other mishap caused to the Prize.

28. All rights, title, claim and interest, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights, in the promotional material(s)/activity and in any and all entries of the Contestants' received shall vest solely and exclusively with TV18 throughout the world in perpetuity. The Contestant/Winners agree and acknowledge that TV18 or any person or entity permitted by TV18 in this regard shall be entitled to the unrestricted use of the entries received or any information in connection with the entry in any media for future promotional, marketing, publicity and any other purpose, without any permission and/or payment to the Contestant/Winner. The Contestant/Winner shall not dispute the same at any stage. The Contestant/Winners hereby further undertake to do any and all acts and execute any and all documents in such manner and at such locations as may be required by TV18 in its sole discretion in order to secure, protect, perfect or enforce any of the rights of TV18 pursuant to this Contest and/or Terms and Conditions. In the event the Contestant/Winners fail to do so within three (3) days of receipt of a request from TV18 to do or perform an act or execute a document, TV18 shall be entitled to exercise the same in place of the Contestant as the lawful appointed attorney and the Contestant undertakes to affirm, ratify and be bound by such exercise of the right by TV18 as mentioned hereunder.

29. This Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. All matters with respect to this Contest are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at New Delhi only.

30. Participation in this Contest implies acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of this Contest.

31. Any clarifications that the Contestant may require or any complaints that the Contestant may have shall be emailed to

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