CNBC-TV18 Research Reports

  • The BIG Divide Economists Vs Money Managers  

    Being the biggest pull back rally, the money managers were quick to bounce on the opportunity. Over the previous few weeks, almost all money managers have called this pull back a new Bull market.

    25 Apr 2009, 3.17 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Bulls vs Bears: The Slugfest Continues  

    Alright, we all know the good news. The Sensex closed above 10000 levels for the week. That calls for a big cheer for the Bulls hip hip hurray. A sudden trend reversal since Mar 9, saw the benchmark indices surging 20% plus in t...

    28 Mar 2009, 1.07 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Inflation At Zero An Eyewash  

    It is sad when people talk about Indias inflation being at its 30-year low and that it is at almost zero levels. Indian audiences are gullible to buy this glaring lie. The Indian government will go to any extent to fool the publi...

    21 Mar 2009, 1.31 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • It's All Over  

    Every time the market bounces back from over sold territory, the Bulls waste no time and bounce back claiming that the bad news is over. At the risk of being framed as a permanent Bear, let me once again re-assert there are no ...

    13 Mar 2009, 5.51 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • From flop show to success story  

    With government reducing the lending rate, it has become easier for NBFCs to get unsecured credit at cheaper rate. At a time when NBFCs are starving for cash, the government's new move comes as a relief.

    06 Mar 2009, 8.00 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Consumer Is King  

    I agree 100% with John Maynard Keynes viewpoint markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. But, lead indicators can help solve a lot of mystery. This is where a lead indicator based on consumer confidence ...

    03 Mar 2009, 6.55 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Promoters Pledges Cross $10 Bn So  

    many investors talk about the pledging game as the latest signs of concern. Alright, India Inc. has pledged its shares SO? Is it a sign of worry? I dont think so. The Tata Group also went on record to say that pledging shares i...

    19 Feb 2009, 12.48 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • (Un)lucky by choice - December quarter earnings  

    The Sensex earnings fell a massive 13% during the Dec quarter compared to a year ago. The trailing four quarter EPS thus is down from Rs 809 as of Sep 08 to Rs 704 at the end of Dec 08. The Sensex is thus trading 13x trailing fo...

    06 Feb 2009, 7.56 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • In the beginning was the end  

    After managing the slowdown for over four quarters, India Inc. goes full throttle to declare record poor numbers. Sales growth at record low levels. Both, price and volume growth negative in many industries. Profit growth negative...

    02 Feb 2009, 10.07 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • India Inc. and MTM Losses  

    Something makes me apprehensive on the earnings season this time around. No its not the negative bottomline. Its the manner in which India Inc. is arriving at its report card. Agreed India Inc. always goes for a window dressing...

    28 Jan 2009, 5.14 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Small Retail Investors: Scapegoats Again  

    Another quarter is over. And in the midst of earnings season, a clear trend is emerging. No we are not talking about the dismal reviews. This column will cover it at the end of the earnings season. The trend is the changing owners...

    16 Jan 2009, 7.51 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Realty Gets Real  

    Finally, real estate players are giving in to reality. From offering freebies to attractive schemes, things are finally moving in to the price cut zone. The catch however is the price cuts are only for new properties that will b...

    07 Jan 2009, 4.53 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • 2008: The Year That Was  

    Irrational Exuberance. Yes thats how the year began. The bull market which had started during the last week of April 03 was in full steam. Valuations were out of proportion, but FII led liquidity was pushing up the untiring BULL...

    30 Dec 2008, 4.30 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Crystal ball gazing the year ahead  

    A 2009 is The Year of the Ox or Bull according to the Chinese and Russian calendars. Bulls would love this anecdote. There is no doubt that we enter 2009 with depressed sentiments. Most investors have lost a considerable amount of...

    19 Dec 2008, 2.55 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Heads you lose, tails who wins?  

    Sentiments have changed for the better. Everyone suddenly is gung-ho about the long term. But, dont rush at one go. Remember, long term is a series of short term impacts. And during any of these short terms, things may suddenly l...

    11 Dec 2008, 4.47 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Equity is dead; long live equities  

    India for instance is currently trading at 10x FY09 earnings and 12x FY10 (factoring earnings will see a de-growth in FY10). This makes India the most expensive emerging market in the world. Other EMs are trading some 5x FY10. Thi...

    04 Dec 2008, 11.43 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • The bailout brouhaha and the Mumbai attack  

    A few chapters from various books on the 1929 crises, lessons from the Japanese recession and most importantly the Keynesian approach to brave the storm all provided some massive inputs to read the current situation. The conclus...

    28 Nov 2008, 12.54 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • No Quantum of Solace  

    Given the current state-of-affairs in the global economy, there doesnt seem to be any shift of bias to and/or against India. India is nothing to rejoice or fear from the change in US.

    05 Nov 2008, 12.36 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Dont Be Fool-Hardy  

    For a change, I beg to differ from my mentor the legendary investor Warren Buffett. A few days back the international press reported that Warren Buffett was buying American stocks.

    23 Oct 2008, 4.50 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Small Retail Investors: The Scapegoats  

    Small retail investors are to blame themselves. Absolutely no advise seems to keep them on alert. No wonder they keep loosing money in the equity market. Why is that in every bad market, they get stuck with stocks the value of w...

    15 Oct 2008, 8.39 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Earnings Season: Here We Go  

    Notwithstanding the 50 bps CRR cut by the RBI and easing off of P-note restrictions by the stock market regulator Sebi, the Indian benchmark index Sensex doesnt seem to be going anywhere. The reason is simple once the dust ...

    08 Oct 2008, 3.14 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Revisiting the Great Depression Globally  

    The Great Depression began Aug 1929 and the stock market crashed during October the same year. If youre a long term investor, be scared. Be very very scared. History may be on its way to repeat itself.

    01 Oct 2008, 5.18 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • The World Goes Long-Only   

    If you were a long term bull in equity markets, you could have found some solace in MLTRs wonderful music. When stock prices were dripping like nine pins, investors the world over prayed that the market takes some support somewher...

    22 Sep 2008, 1.13 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Changing Energy Landscape, The Ambani Way  

    The current quarter will see refinery GRMs coming down to around $12/bbl, the average GRMs for the year to be around $12/bbl, in line with what it was last year. The RPL refinery will see some revenues generating in the fo...

    22 Sep 2008, 11.35 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Who bought the rally?  

    Do not expect a quick recovery. Sell into the rally until FIIs are major buyers. Banks going bust in the US will lead to sell off in India to the extent of their proprietary book exposure. Thus, FIIs buying seems unlikely as of no...

    15 Sep 2008, 12.46 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Go for differential rights  

    Rights are often used by small retail investors to increase their share in a company. And when a group like Tatas if offering a rights issue, it surely would be up for grabs. However, this time round investors are faced with a di...

    04 Sep 2008, 4.51 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • GHCL: Another Hostile Takeover Brewing  

    This could be history in making for corporate India. In yet another twist to GHCL story, some shareholders are seeking replacement of Mr Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman of GHCL as Director of the company.

    28 Aug 2008, 6.33 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Book Longer Term FDs  

    If youre a risk averse investors and want to maximize your returns, invest for the longer tenure to get more returns in the long term. If the interest rates inch up further, the strategy is simple. Pre-mature encashment and anoth...

    28 Aug 2008, 4.58 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • The Structured Products Case  

    With structured products, the mutual fund industry is venturing into dangerous domain. And the advice for many small retail investors is plain simple stay away from them. If you have the Why question running on your mind, the ...

    20 Aug 2008, 7.54 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • IPO issues: Sebi can do nothing  

    Its not because two brave CNBC TV18 journalists traded the thin line and went about unearthing the not-so-transparent areas of IPO subscription. The issues were always for the taking, just that the regulator (read Sebi) did nothi...

    13 Aug 2008, 11.59 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

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