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  • Budget Analysis: Why Budget will get mixed responses from India Inc  

    The Finance Minister, Chidambaram announced the fiscal Budget 2013- 2014 and also announced that he shall endeavor to introduce the amended DTC, post considering recommendations of the standing committee, before the end of the Bud...

    28 Feb 2013, 7.44 pm  |  Source:

  • Union Budget 2013: Why Chidu's Lo-Cal budget is a flop-show  

    If Palaniappan Chidambaram’s eighth budgethas not set the markets on fire, it can be easily explained: his first goal was to avoid doing damage to investor confidence, which is what his predecessor managed to do. And unlike his ...

    28 Feb 2013, 4.12 pm  |  Source:

  • Union Budget 2013 - 14: Chidambaram plays safe; market disappointed  

    Much was expected of Finance Minister P Chidambaram in Budget 2013 considering that he had marketed it aggressively to foreign institutional investors in the last few days.

    28 Feb 2013, 4.00 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012-13: Budget's big message: Govt is always right  

    In the past, budgets used to be a kind of state-of-the-union message, a strong indication of vision, direction and drive. Not any more.

    20 Mar 2012, 8.00 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012-13: Tinkerer Pranab has missed the bus - so what's new?  

    Mountains of expectations always deliver a mouse. And so it was with Pranab Mukherjee's make-or-break budget. He neither made much of the opportunity nor broke anyone's back by trying to do too much.

    20 Mar 2012, 5.36 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012: Why its difficult to believe the FM this time  

    This was that kind of budget, bewilderingly muddled about what it wanted to achieve.

    17 Mar 2012, 12.16 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012 takes the 'p#*s' out of industry  

    Anybody that says the Budget was a non-event hasn't read it all. Nor have I. But I've read enough to know it is a significant event! A very significant event!!

    17 Mar 2012, 12.13 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012: Pranab Mukherjee's cautious game disappoints market  

    The good thing for Pranab Mukherjee was that few people had any big expectations from the Budget, given the political compulsions of the UPA government.

    16 Mar 2012, 5.26 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012: Despite Budget, equity, bonds & currencies will have a ball  

    The optics from the Union budget 2012-13 are positive for markets with higher growth, lower inflation and lower fiscal and current account deficits. GDP growth is estimated at 7.6 percent for 2012-13 against 6.9 percent for 2011-1...

    16 Mar 2012, 3.45 pm  |  Source:

  • Budget 2012: Thank you, Pranab-da, for not doing something worse...  

    Pranab misses his Big Bang moment, plays realist instead by making the right noises, and tinkering on some areas, Mukherjee has avoided any major negative backlash from markets and India Inc

    16 Mar 2012, 3.44 pm  |  Source:

  • 'Budget: FM needs to do a balancing job'  

    The upcoming Budget may be largely centered around the reintroduction of the fiscal prudence measures; while also ensuring that the demand buoyancy in the economy is maintained.

    19 Feb 2010, 6.14 pm  |  Source:

  • 'Focus on infrastructure should be strengthened further'  

    The Eleventh plan had projected about 500 billion USD investment in Infrastructure between 2007 and 2012. Given the actual investment so far, a significant ramp up would be required in this area, says DR Dogra, MD and CEO of CARE

    17 Feb 2010, 2.47 pm  |  Source:

  • Key features of Budget 2009-2010  

    The following are the highlights and key quotes of the budget 2009-10 presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in parliament today.

    06 Jul 2009, 1.08 pm  |  Source:

  • Changing times in India  

    This is changing times in india . Society is witnessing civilisational changes , things which were permanent fixture of indian mind-set for thouands of years are changing, basic habbits are changing, value system is changing , tra...

    25 Jun 2009, 11.53 am  |  Source:

  • Consumer durable firms feel the heat of rising steel costs  

    Faced with spiralling input costs and margin pressures, consumer durable companies are looking at using composite alloy in lieu of metals to keep their competitiveness intact. Besides, the volatility in steel prices is forcing dur...

    21 Apr 2008, 8.18 am  |  Source: Business Line

  • Rollback will not impact bottomline: Bhushan Steel   

    Neeraj Singal, MD of Bhushan Steel & Strips informs that the company is going to rollback between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000, on the corrugated galvanized sheets, but it will not have a very big impact on the bottomline

    04 Apr 2008, 3.37 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Taxing bonds uncovered  

    Our experts explain the details of the conversion of company bonds into shares or debentures and its tax implication

    07 Mar 2008, 10.30 am

  • Taxing FII the FMs way  

    Our expert list out the detail on what budget '08 holds for Foreign Institutional Investors.

    07 Mar 2008, 10.30 am

  • Taxing jurisdictions  

    A better way to subject these offshore deals to tax in India was to bring about a change in the charging provisions of the Act and deem these sales as taxable in India.

    07 Mar 2008, 10.00 am

  • Stay away from Reliance Capital: Sukhani   

    Technical Analyst, Sudarshan Sukhani is of the view that one should stay away from Reliance Capital.

    05 Mar 2008, 11.02 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • Rail Budget to spur tracks, platform, freight biz: Kalindee   

    Arvind Gemini of Kalindee Rail Nirman told CNBC-TV18 that the Railway Budget would benefit all the companies involved in track construction, modernization of platforms, improving platforms, dedicated freight corridor etc.

    04 Mar 2008, 3.21 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • It's Politics, Silly !!  

    P Chidambaram is urbane, from Harvard, and is utterly comfortable with the idiom of the elite. In New York, he even dresses up like a Wall Street "type" - and could easily fool people into believing that he is an "accidental" poli...

    01 Mar 2008, 1.55 pm  |  Source:

  • Bouquets and brickbats  

    The stock market's reaction to the Union budget could have been vastly different, if the Finance Minister had deleted two small lines from his budget speech and added one small line in turn.

    29 Feb 2008, 6.55 pm  |  Source:

  • More money available to invest after hiking tax slabs  

    Finance Minister P Chidambaram has put more money into your wallet. By hiking tax slabs, the gains from tax saving are enormous, as high as Rs 45,000 per annum, if you earn at least Rs 5 lakh every year. If you earn Rs 3 lakh, the...

    29 Feb 2008, 6.29 pm  |  Source:

  • The Ballot-Box Budget  

    A Ballot Box budget, because clearly this is an election year budget, and I mean that literally. If the monsoons are okay we could well see an election in 2008. A loan waiver, an effective cut in income tax rates, the pay commissi...

    29 Feb 2008, 5.41 pm  |  Source:

  • Chidambaram Budget a clear indication of elections  

    Chidambaram Budget is a clear indicator that elections are imminent. It is only a matter of speculation when the election dates are going to be announced . In all probabality the elections can happen any time between September to ...

    29 Feb 2008, 4.45 pm  |  Source:

  • Sensex to move upward if it crosses 18300  

    As per "Island Reversal" pattern, if the Sensex crosses 18,300 mark upto the budget presentation, then market is expected to start upward journey, says Satish Kannav, Research analyst, Arihant Capital Markets. If the Sensex fails ...

    27 Feb 2008, 5.31 pm  |  Source:

  • Competition welcome, but spectrum still issue: Bharti Ent   

    As the government rings in five new telecom players, Sunil Mittal, CMD, Bharti Enterprises said that competition is welcome, but not at the cost of his spectrum. The government should grant him his legitimate share of spectrum, he...

    27 Feb 2008, 5.04 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

  • A blend of Profitability and Populism  

    Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav presented his fifth rail budget on a high note and his confidence was quite palpable when he addressed Parliament. The railways have ambitious expansion plans. Their carrying capacity has increas...

    27 Feb 2008, 10.13 am  |  Source:

  • A populist budget is not a bad thing  

    There are two people whom I hope Finance Minister P Chidambaram pays heed to when he presents his budget on February 29th. The first Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, the second P Chidambaram, the author and columnist.

    26 Feb 2008, 6.53 pm  |  Source:

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