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Jul 26, 2007, 06.51 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Yos Technologies launches YosCare

Yos Technologies launches “YosCare”, an e-Health Gateway for PHR Management

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Yos Technologies launches YosCare

Yos Technologies launches “YosCare”, an e-Health Gateway for PHR Management

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Bangalore based Yos Technologies , an emerging startup in the Healthcare IT domain, has announced the Beta launch of YosCare, a fully standards compliant e-Health Gateway for Patient Health Record (PHR) management. The company would be targeting both Tier 1 and Tier 2 hospitals as well as Diagnostic Labs and Pharmacy chains.


YosCare has been designed primarily to mitigate the various issues and problems faced by the consumers of Healthcare services (the patients) and the providers of the services (the doctors, clinics, hospitals, chemists, labs).


Yos Technologies has signed MOUs with a leading hospital in Bangalore, and a leading Pharmacy chain, and will be making the Beta version of the product available for their customers, as well as a select cross-section of the public during the next 3 months.


Announcing the launch, Vijaya Verma, Founder and CEO, Yos Technologies said, ”Medical decisions need to be based on well-documented, current and accurate information to ensure right diagnosis. YosCare is an e-Health Gateway that seamlessly inter-connects consumers and providers through a secure consumer-owned PHR system and “continuous care” applications that can be assessed anytime, anywhere using Internet and Mobile technologies. It is a patient-centric system containing all relevant patient information that is needed to ensure timely and improved quality of care.”


Using YosCare, the consumers can now:


  • Keep track of allergies, medications, diagnosis, health history, secure and in one place in their Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Access and manage the information from anywhere using  PC or mobile
  • Share health information with their doctors without having to rely on paper records or memory
  • Ensure critical health information is available in emergency situations
  • Access test reports online and avoid repeat visit to the lab or to the doctor
  • Share prescriptions with chemists online and get medicines home-delivered
  • Get alerts not just for appointments, but also for report collection, medicine purchase and even medicine intake.


Using YosCare, providers now have:

  • Direct customer contact with appointment reminders and follow-ups (customer retention)
  • A cost-effective mass marketing channel reaching all YosCare customers (increased reach)
  • Data Mining and trend analysis applications to enable targeted marketing campaigns (increased reach and retention)
  • Better quality of care and operational efficiencies through YosCare’s inter-provider connectivity (access to complete health history, referrals)

“The uniqueness of the YosCare solution is that it is not just a static store of health records. The solution actually interconnects the ecosystem of providers with the consumer, while maintaining the consumer focus by putting him in the centre of the ecosystem with his secure e-health Account.  So both parties - consumers and providers - gain by the solution” added Vijaya Verma.

Yos Technologies is founded by Vijaya Verma, a technologist and entrepreneur, with a total work experience of 24 years in the IT industry and 3 senior colleagues from her previous venture Alopa Networks, which became one of the top three broad band OSS vendors within 3 years of its inception.


The company had recently secured its first round of funding to the tune of $1.25M from Rajesh Jain, well-known entrepreneur and technologist (who founded IndiaWorld in 1995, and sold it to Sify in 1999 for $115M, in one of Asia's largest Internet deals) and Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, a leading doctor and infertility specialist, and a pioneer in Patient Health Education.



Sourced From: Pressman India



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