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Stocks in the news: SBI, Sun Pharma, Hindalco, PFC, Coffee Day, Religare, Balaji, IOB

SBI | Sun Pharma | Bank of Baroda | Hindalco | Cipla | BPCL | GAIL | Cadila Healthcare | PFC | Gujarat Gas | National Fertilisers | IFCI | PTC India | Balaji Telefilms | Heritage Foods | Shalimar Paints | Religare Enterprises | J Kumar Infra | SpiceJet | MOIL | Union Bank | IOB | SCI | Coffee Day | Gitanjali Gems | Quess Corp and Sanofi are stocks, which are in the news today.

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Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results today: SBI, Sun Pharma, Bank of Baroda, Hindalco, Cipla, BPCL, Cadila Healthcare, Oil India, Allahabad Bank, REC, RCF, Clariant Chemicals, CESC, Bajaj Hindusthan, BGR Energy, Eros International, Emkay Global, Dhanlaxmi Bank, Cox & Kings, Corporation Bank, Claris Life, GVK Power, GSPL, Godrej Industries, Ipca Labs, Suzlon Energy, HOEC, Kalpataru Power, JSW Energy, Max India, Madhucon Projects, Rajesh Exports, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Omaxe, Sakthi Sugars, Sun TV Network, Strides Shasun, TVS Motor, Time Technoplast, Zee Media

-Consolidated net profit down 23.2 percent at Rs 1,025.6 crore versus Rs 1,335.2 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated revenue up 6.8 percent at Rs 11,570.4 crore versus Rs 10,832.1 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA up 19.2 percent at Rs 1,899.5 crore versus Rs 1,593.9 crore (YoY)

-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 16.7 percent versus 14.9 percent (YoY)

SpiceJet Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 172.7 Crore Versus Rs 149 Crore (YoY)
-Revenue At Rs 1870.5 Crore Versus Rs 1521.5 Crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 17.8 percent At Rs 226.6 Crore Versus Rs 192.3 Crore (YoY)

-EBITDA Margin At 12.1 percent Versus 12.64 percent (YoY)

-Net Profit At Rs 97.7 Crore Versus Rs 47.1 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 339.4 Crore Versus Rs 185.8 Crore (YoY)

Union Bank Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 116.6 Crore Versus Rs 166.3 Crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA At 12.6 percent Versus 11.2 percent (QoQ)
-Net NPA At 7.5 percent Versus 6.6 percent (QoQ)
-Gross NPA At Rs 37,286 Crore Versus Rs 33,712 Crore (QoQ)
-Net NPA At Rs 20,785 Crore Versus Rs 18,832 Crore (QoQ)

-NII At Rs 2,243 Crore Versus Rs 2,102 Crore (YoY)

-Net Loss At Rs 499.1 Crore Versus Loss of Rs 1450.5 Crore (YoY)
-Gross NPA At 23.6 percent Versus 22.4 percent (QoQ)
-Net NPA At 15 percent Versus 14 percent (QoQ)
-Gross NPA At Rs 35,453 Crore Versus Rs 35,098 Crore (QoQ)

-Net NPA At Rs 20,166 Crore Versus Rs 19,749 Crore (QoQ)

J Kumar Infra Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 25.8 Crore Versus Rs 29.5 Crore (YoY)
-Revenue At Rs 374.2 Crore Versus Rs 403 Crore (YoY)
-EBITDA At Rs 62.55 Crore Versus Rs 60.2 Crore (YoY)

-EBITDA Margin At 16.7 percent Versus 14.9 percent (YoY)

Indo Count Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 31.9 Crore Versus Rs 60.3 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 399.4 Crore Versus Rs 476.1 Crore (YoY)

Manappuram Finance Q1
-Consolidated Net Profit At Rs 152.5 Crore Versus Rs 161.3 Crore (YoY)

-Consolidated NII At Rs 574.5 Crore Versus Rs 481.2 Crore (YoY)

-Net Profit At Rs 1,428.6Crore Versus Rs 1,712.5 Crore (YoY)

-NII At Rs 2,723 Crore Versus Rs 2,819.6 Crore (YoY)

United Breweries Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 161.9 Crore Versus Rs 147.1 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 3,810 Crore Versus Rs 3,244.6 Crore (YoY)

Gujarat Gas Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 104.3 Crore Versus Rs 74.8 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 1,516 Crore Versus Rs 1,260.2 Crore (YoY)

Liberty Shoes Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 1.1 Crore Versus Rs 2.7 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 128.9 Crore Versus Rs 124.2 Crore (YoY)

National Fertilisers Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 25.9 Crore Versus Rs 0.24 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 1,875.8 Crore Versus Rs 1,375.1 Crore (YoY)

SH Kelkar & Co Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 17.9 Crore Versus Rs 22.8 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 160.6 Crore Versus Rs 177.1 Crore (YoY)

Sudarshan Chemical Ind Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 23.4 Crore Versus Rs 31.3 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 354.5 Crore Versus Rs 353.7 Crore (YoY)

Venkys India Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 51.9 Crore Versus Rs 41 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 663.5 Crore Versus Rs 645.4 Crore (YoY)


-Loss At Rs 276.9 Crore Versus Loss Of Rs 110.3 Crore (YoY)

PTC India Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 65.4 Crore Versus Rs 56.5 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 4,401.8 Crore Versus Rs 3,644.3 Crore (YoY)

Balaji Telefilms Q1
-Loss At Rs 23.4 Crore Versus Loss Rs 0.2 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 144.6 Crore Versus Rs 117.4 Crore (YoY)

Bannari Amman Sugars Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 6.9 Crore Versus Rs 31.9 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 364.2 Crore Versus Rs 404.9 Crore (YoY)

Cimmco Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 0.6 Crore Versus Loss Of Rs 43.3 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 40.2 Crore Versus Rs 4 Crore (YoY)

Deccan Cements Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 11.4 Crore Versus Rs 11.3 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 160.3 Crore Versus Rs 139.8 Crore (YoY)

Deepak Fertilisers Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 12.6 Crore Versus Rs 34.7 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 1,280 Crore Versus Rs 4,378.1 Crore (YoY)

Diamond Power Infra Q1
-Loss At Rs 44.7 Crore Versus Loss Of Rs 84.5 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 202.2 Crore Versus Rs 355.5 Crore (YoY)

Heritage Foods Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 10.4 Crore Versus Rs 17.1 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 616.8 Crore Versus Rs 459.3 Crore (YoY)

Indo Amines Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 2.3 Crore Versus Rs 3.5 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 81.3 Crore Versus Rs 70.5 Crore (YoY)

Zydus Wellness Q1
-Consolidated Net Profit At Rs 25.9 Crore Versus Rs 22.5 Crore (YoY)

-Consolidated Revenue At Rs 115.5 Crore Versus Rs 116.9 Crore (YoY)

Titagarh Wagons Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 0.8 Crore Versus Rs 1.3 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 328.8 Crore Versus Rs 285.9 Crore (YoY)

The Byke Hospitality Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 6.6 Crore Versus Rs 6.7 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 37.3 Crore Versus Rs 62 Crore (YoY)

Stovec Industries Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 8.3 Crore Versus Rs 4.7 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 62.1 Crore Versus Rs 40.4 Crore (YoY)

South India Paper Mills Q1
-Net Loss Of Rs 4.5 Crore Versus Profit Of Rs 5 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 0.1 Crore Versus Rs 51.7 Crore (YoY)

SML Isuzu Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 6.75 Crore Versus Rs 40.9 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 357.5 Crore Versus Rs 515.1 Crore (YoY)

Shalimar Paints Q1
-Net Loss Of Rs 9.7 Crore Versus Profit Of 0.8 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 80.5 Crore Versus Rs 104.9 Crore (YoY)

Rupa Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 9.3 Crore Versus Rs 15.5 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 163 Crore Versus Rs 216.8 Crore (YoY)

Religare Enterprises Q1
-Net Loss At 47.4 Crore Versus Rs 25.8 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 2.6 Crore Versus Rs 14 Crore (YoY)

Phoenix Mills Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 27.4 Crore Versus Rs 30.4 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 395.9 Crore Versus Rs 442.4 Crore (YoY)

Panoramic Universal Q1
-Net Loss Of Rs 3.2 Crore Versus Profit Of Rs 2.1 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 3.7 Crore Versus Rs 10.8 Crore (YoY)

LT Foods Q1
-Net Profit At Rs 34.9 Crore Versus Rs 31.6 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 761.9 Crore Versus Rs 703 Crore (YoY)

Laurus Labs Q1
-Consolidated Net Profit At Rs 38.9 Crore Versus Rs 25.6 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 491.2 Crore Versus Rs 416.5 Crore (YoY)

Punj Lloyd Q1
-Net Loss At Rs 194.3 Crore Versus Loss Of Rs 211.4 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue up 10.1 percent At Rs 977.3 Crore Versus Rs 887.6 Crore (YoY)

-Net Loss Of Rs 6.7 Crore Versus Profit Of Rs 55.9 crore (YoY)

-Revenue At Rs 864.8 Crore Versus Rs 826.3 Crore (YoY)

Hinduja Ventures Q1
-Net Profit up 5.4 percent At Rs 25.5 Crore Versus Rs 24.2 Crore (YoY)

-Revenue down 16.9 percent At Rs 50.7 Crore Versus Rs 60.9 Crore (YoY)

Coffee Day Q1
-Net Profit Up 50.6 percent At Rs 26.8 Crore Versus Rs 17.8 Crore (YoY)
-Revenue Up 10.1 percent At Rs 814.3 Crore Versus Rs 739.5 Crore (YoY)
-EBITDA Up 22.8 percent At Rs 148.4 Crore Versus Rs 120.8 Crore (YoY)

-EBITDA Margin At 18.22 percent Versus 16.34 percent (YoY)

Other stocks and sectors that are in news today:
-Heritage Foods board approves sub division of equity shares
-Bodhtree Consulting's intimation about receipt of supply order along with annual technical support (ATS) from Indian Coast Guard, Tatrakshak Mukhyalaya
-In order to avail various benefits of consolidation of operations, Gitanjali Group has undertaken consolidation exercise of Group's US business by way of merger of its US based subsidiaries / step down subsidiaries
-Mumbai International Airport (GVK owns 50.5 percent stake) plans to restructure loans worth Rs 10,600 crore
-Quess Corp looks to raise Rs 1,150 crore via institutional placement
-NCLT starts insolvency proceedings against Lanco Infratech
-Ashok Leyland eyes Rs 1,000 crore from digital platforms: BS
-Maruti Suzuki to open 150 used car outlets by March 2018-GSK, Sanofi in focus - Superme Court uphelds Competition Appellate Tribunals order quashing penalty of Rs 64 crore imposed by CCI
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