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Aug 10, 2007, 08.55 PM | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Riverbed delivers Steelhead Mobile

Riverbed delivers Lan-Like performance for remote and mobile workers with Steelhead Mobile

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Riverbed delivers Steelhead Mobile

Riverbed delivers Lan-Like performance for remote and mobile workers with Steelhead Mobile

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Riverbed Technology , Inc. (Nasdaq: RVBD), the performance leader in wide-area data services (WDS), announced today the upcoming release of its new Steelhead® Mobile product, a software client version of its award-winning WDS technology. The Steelhead Mobile software client is intended to deliver LAN-like application performance to any employee, whether on the road, working from home or connected wirelessly in the office.


“In our fast moving global economy, the strive for productivity for mobile workers across geographies is crucial,” said  Vivek Singh, Regional Director – India and SAARC, Riverbed Technology, India, “This challenge is overcome when Riverbed Steelhead Mobile is applied across the network .”


 “We’ve leveraged our experience with more than 2,500 Riverbed customers to build the mobile WDS solution that global enterprises need and want,” said Eric Wolford, senior vice president, marketing and business development at Riverbed. “Steelhead Mobile offers workers on the move, telecommuters and very small offices the same LAN-like performance that our Steelhead appliance customers enjoy today in an easy to install and manage package. IT managers will appreciate the investment made in deployment, monitoring, and management tools that make their jobs easier.”


With Steelhead Mobile, many file downloads that once took mobile or remote workers an hour can be completed in a couple of minutes or seconds. In addition to accelerating application performance, Steelhead Mobile often reduces bandwidth requirements. Riverbed has rigorously tested Steelhead Mobile with many of the most frequently used software applications to ensure compatibility. In addition, the Steelhead Mobile software is easy to install and manage and can be set up to be transparent to the user and the network. To learn more about the performance of Steelhead Mobile, visit www.riverbed.com/docs/PerformanceBrief-Riverbed-SHM.pdf .


Riverbed takes a multi-tiered approach to optimization to address the problems of bandwidth, latency and application protocol inefficiencies through a unified solution.  Steelhead Mobile, running on the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS™), utilizes industry-leading data streamlining and transport streamlining to provide data reduction, compression and transport protocol optimization.  With RiOS, enterprises can reduce traffic on the wide area network (WAN) by as much as 95% and transport layer roundtrips by up to 98%, allowing organizations to successfully deliver faster application performance while avoiding bandwidth saturation.  


Sourced From: 20 : 20 Media Pvt Ltd

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