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Oct 27, 2017 12:43 PM IST | Source:

Tips to keep your household budget on track

The better your budgeting is, the healthier your finances will remain through your life.

Navneet Dubey @navneetdubey91

Proper household budgeting helps in creating wealth for goals like children's education, their wedding planning and one’s own retirement planning.

If one is able to plan their cash flows well in advance, in such case even their small savings will help them in achieving their bigger financial goals of life. To make it happen, one should start working on their savings ratio. Ideally one should set aside around 20 percent of their income as saving after meeting all expenses.

Here are some tips to get your household budget on track.

Pen down your expenses

It becomes necessary to work out on your expenses. Keep track of your monthly spending. It may not be possible for you to record every small expense so in that case you can club those little expenses in a single approximate amount. More precisely, you should pen down all your fixed and flexible expenses which will help in calculating the exact amount of expenses. Differentiate expenses into necessities and luxuries. For example, health insurance is a necessary expenditure.

List down your goals

You should start setting your responsibility goals. Broadly, these can be put in four categories - retirement planning, child education planning, wedding planning and house purchase. You need to plan out that how much you need to save on monthly basis towards these priorities and accordingly, you need to adjust the amount against your other liabilities while meeting out your overall expenses.

The longer the time horizon of your goal is, the lesser amount you need to save on monthly has the highest duration to get it accomplished. Also, to maintain a positive cash flow throughout your life, you need to invest your money in the right direction.

Create Emergency Fund

It is always suggestible to maintain at least 3 to 6 months of your expenses well in advance in your bank or in any liquid funds from where you can easily withdraw your money within a day.

Limit your debts

Have proper control over EMI's. Too many things purchased on credit card can affect your monthly budget severely. You might also have EMI for your home loan. The total EMI amount should not ideally exceed 10 per cent of your expenses.

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Restructure your budget periodically

Spending on necessities should be your priority. Try to stick to your budget and once any of your goals is accomplished or your income gets increased, then try to restructure your budget and make a new budget from time to time.

Review your budget on time

Any planning done for one time is never successful, it needs to be reviewed on quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis. Reviewing process also helps you to remain stick towards your goals and your daily action plan also not goes beyond your daily cash limit. Therefore, if are able to set a pattern to draw and follow your household budget from today, you can plan to think for a better tomorrow.

The better your budgeting is, the healthier your finances will remain through your life. A well-planned budget helps you in not only growing your money but also, helps you in growing your overall net worth.

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