Dec 31, 2014 05:06 PM IST | Source: CNBC-TV18

Precautions: 9 things to remember while using a credit card

While using a card at merchant outlets, one should make sure that it is being swiped in his presence, personal finance expert, Pankaj Mathpal, Optima Money Managers said.

In an interview to CNBC-TV18, Pankaj Mathpal of Optima Money Managers spoke about the precautions one should take while doing credit card transactions.

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Below is the verbatim transcript of Mathpal's interview with CNBC-TV18.

Q: When paying for transactions through credit cards or paying online what are the points to be kept in mind?

A: First, while using a card at merchant outlets, one should make sure that it is being swiped in his presence because if he gives it to unauthorised person or in his absence his card can be cloned. Second, important information like the name of the cardholder is printed on the card, expiry date of card and card verification value (CVV), which is a three digit number; it is a security number on the back of the card. However, this information can be used for online transactions. So, if his card is not swiped in his presence then maybe somebody has captured this information. Therefore, he should make sure that the card is swiped in front of him and in presence of closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera at merchant outlets.

The other important thing is while doing online transactions, especially purchasing something from abroad one should make sure that he is using his card on a reputed website, that is the uniform resource locator (URL) starts with 'https', here 's' stands for security, not to use the URL, which starts with 'http'.

So, always use card on the URL which starts with 'https'. Use original software, original operating systems and genuine anti-virus software in computer. Do not make any transactions in a cyber cafe; always use personal computer for making transactions. Therefore, these are the important things which one should take care to avoid misuse of the card.


Caller Q: I was wrongly sold an insurance policy in India. What can I do?

A: It is a case of misselling which we see in many cases. However, as per Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority's Protection of Policyholders' Interests 2002, all the insurers or agents or their other intermediary should give correct information to the policyholder or to the proposer before they apply for the insurance policy.

Q: We do not record their conversations; we have no evidence to prove to consumer court that I was not told.

A: A person gets 15 days free look period, within that 15 days period the policyholder should go through the details of the product and if the policyholder is not satisfied, he can return the policy to the insurer.

In this caller's case, it is more than two years; the insurer will not accept the claim that she was not aware about the content of the policy. Only option is she can register her complain at IRDA website but she will have to prove that she was cheated or she was not told about the conditions.

However if she can prove anyhow that she was not informed about this or she was told that she is buying a fixed deposit then only she can get some relief otherwise I do not think that now the insurer or the bank will accept her claim that she bought a product without her information.

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