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NAVs decline owing to weak market sentiment

Equity funds succumb under market pressure leading posting negative returns. The Nifty fell 13 points or 0.25%, to close at 5189 while Sensex was down 20.62 points or 0.12%, to close at 17,130.67.

Equity funds succumb under market pressure leading to posting negative returns. Among the broader indices, Large cap and Small & Mid cap registered an advance: decline ratio of 5: 73 and 7: 38 while Diversified Equity, ELSS and Thematic - Infrastructure couldn't manage to register any gainers. The fall was also seen under Balanced category with the ratio of 2: 18.

All the sector funds followed the downtrend with no gainers. The Pharma & Healthcare  and FMCG which were seen gaining in previous trading session too were seen in red. Among sector category, Banking & Finance funds lost the most witnessing no gainers.

It was completely a lacklustre trade for the BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty on Thursday which was the last day of April series. The Nifty fell 13 points or 0.25%, to close at 5189 while Sensex was down 20.62 points or 0.12%, to close at 17,130.67.

In the debt space, Long term debt funds continued to be under pressure due to weak market sentiment and supply pressure. Meanwhile Short term debt funds delivered decent performance with very few losers registered. Dhawal Dalal, DSP BlackRock is of the opinion that the bond prices will likely to remain rangebound with a declining bias for a while.

Check out all mutual fund gainers & losers

Here is the day's performance and the gainers and losers across categories.

 Equity funds: Top gainers

*  SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (G) up 0.30%

*  SBI Magnum Midcap Fund (G) up 0.28%

*  Reliance Long Term Equity Fund (G) up 0.24%

Equity funds: Top losers

*  Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (G) down 0.00%

*  Escorts High Yield Equity Plan (G) down 1.38%

*  Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Exchange Traded Scheme down 1.22%

Tax saving funds: Top gainers

*  Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (G) up 0.37%

*  Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) up 0.30%

*  HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund (G) up 0.11%

Tax saving funds: Top losers

*  Escorts Tax Plan (G) down 1.04%

*  Sahara Tax Gain (G) down 0.88%

*  L&T Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (G) down 0.74%

Sector funds: Top gainers

*  Franklin Infotech Fund (G) up 0.44%

*  Sundaram Media & Entertainment Opportunities - Retail (G) up 0.17%

*  Sahara R.E.A.L. Fund (G) up 0.03%

Sector funds: Top losers

*  Sahara Power & Natural Resources Fund (G) down 1.20%

*  Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities - Retail Plan (G) down 0.92%

*  Sahara Banking and Financial Services Fund (G) down 0.80%

Balanced funds: Top gainers

*  Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Balanced Option (G) up 0.07%

*  Sundaram Balanced Fund - Regular Plan (G) up 0.00% 

Balanced funds: Top losers

*  LIC NOMURA Balanced Fund - C (G) down 0.89%

*  Escorts Balanced Fund (G) down 0.58%

*  ICICI Prudential Equity & Derivatives Fund - Volatility Advantage Plan (G) down 0.47%

Debt funds: Top gainers

*  ICICI Prudential Banking & PSU Debt Fund - Retail Plan (G) up 0.04%

*  Templeton India Govt Sec - Composite Plan (G) up 0.09%

Debt funds: Top losers

*  HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund (G) down 0.01%

*  Taurus Gilt Fund (G) down 0.01%

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