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How to get consolidated MF account statement online?

Consolidated MF account statement offers you a single view of all your mutual fund investments, which makes monitoring easy.

Financial advisors emphasis on monitoring your investments from time to time and end of the year can be a good time to have a look at your investments. With rising stock prices investors have opted for mutual funds, however monitoring various schemes is still a task for many. Individuals invest through various brokers and advisors from time to time. Some offer online portfolio facility whereas some opt for traditional form-filling route. Some units are held in demat accounts. The ultimate outcome is no single window view of your mutual fund portfolio. To overcome this issue it makes sense to request for consolidated mutual fund account statement online in just five steps.

1) Go to
2) Click on investors services
3) Click on CAS- CAMS, Karvy, FT, SBFS
4) Key in your email id and your permanent account number (PAN)
5) Enter a password of your choice. This need not be your password that you have given to mutual fund.

Within an hour you will be getting a mail from camsonline. The encrypted pdf file will be protected with a password. You should use the password given while requesting the statement to open this file. This facility is free for all investors.

The facility fetches valuation of all your investments across mutual funds, across folios and irrespective of the broker through whom you bought it. The statement will show all investments wherein you have given your email id. It offers you a single window of all your mutual fund investments.

The facility also offers you the option to seek a statement comprising transaction history across mutual funds. This is helpful when you want to check your investments for a specific time period. For example, you want to check how much money you investment in various mutual fund schemes this financial year. This will help you to ascertain your investments in tax saving funds, technically known as equity linked saving schemes. By mid- January, most companies ask their employees to submit investment proofs of eligible investments under section 80 of the Income Tax Act. Your consolidated account statement with transaction listing can come to your help to comply with it.

Though the facility is a good means to have a consolidated view of your mutual fund investments, it is better to have an online portfolio tool to monitor your portfolio. An online portfolio can offer you many more benefits such as capital gains – at scheme level and portfolio level, scheme comparison tools, alerts to name a few. Online portfolio tools make your monitoring easy.

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