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What to do when Petrol prices rise?

With the rising inflation, it has now become increasingly important for investor to invest wisely and create more wealth at a rate which is faster than inflation. For the same, one needs to take control of his own wealth and think differently to survive in today‘s world, reckons investment advisor Yogesh Chabria.

The entire news media and people all around are cursing the government for a lack of proper policy, for a falling rupee, rising inflation and an increase in petrol prices. People are complaining to one another about how things are deteriorating and putting the blame on the government.

Is it the government's fault? Of course it is, but governments and politicians all over the world are like blood sucking leeches, no matter how much you complain to them they will continue to suck your blood in the form of taxes which they spend inefficiently. And this money is spent by politicians to serve there own selfish purposes. On large mansions which they occupy and the Z level security used by them. Taxation and governments will always be inefficient. This is a fact of life and no matter what is done, no matter which political party is there in power, this will continue.

While it is right for all of us to protest, raise our voices and ensure our way is heard - we also need to accept reality. Inflation is going to rise, things are going to become more and more expensive - and saving more is not the way to fight inflation. We need to start investing wisely and need to create more wealth at a rate which is faster than inflation. Saving and trying to pick pennies is no longer a solution to the way the global economy is headed. The only solution is to take control in your own hands, stop depending on anyone else. You are the person who will decide your destiny, who will decide your future. Come up with new ideas, think creatively, and use your imagination to work out new ways to create wealth.

As a Happionaire, I have always believed that as human beings we are special, where irrespective of age, sex, creed, color, religion, you can create wealth and succeed if you believe you can.

Almost a year ago, I had shared with all of you about how Petrol Prices will rise; now soon Diesel prices will also be rising. Eventually the reality is that petrol, diesel and gas all will become more expensive. They will be de-regularized and while on one hand we can complain and bicker, those people who go on to create wealth try to look for opportunities in everything. Investments made at that time, will bear immense fruit now. In fact even now it is a good time to benefit from such opportunities. I request all of you to go on and once again read this report, it will help you now as Petrol prices are rising.

In the past year, I have been exploring opportunities in a very different sector away from the stock markets- this sector is very basic to every man. Everyone needs this and is essential to human life, business, work, play, worship. Patiently as my eyes are opened to this new world, I will share with you.

Keep smiling and make the most of now!

Happy investing!

Yogesh Chabria


The author is a successful investor, bestselling author and entrepreneur. He started investing at the age of 16 with only Rs. 750. Today as the founder of The Happionaire Way it is his mission to help each and every Indian be empowered financially. As a part of his mission he has written several books and regularly shares ideas to change the way people think about finance, money, investing and life in general. You can subscribe to his FREE blog at
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