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Mutual Fund Statements - More variety than you imagined

Not known to many investors, a host of statements like summary on Transactions, tax return, or capital gains etc have been made freely available by Mutual Funds and their Registrars. Read this space to know the commonly asked question related to Mutual fund statement.

You have to file your tax returns and need to calculate your capital gains on transactions in mutual funds. You may also want a transaction or summary statement for the previous financial year. You can get all these and more from the Registrar. A host of statements have been made freely available to investors by Mutual Funds and their Registrars. Queries on the different statements available and means to obtain the same are replied.

We require a Capital Gains Statement for the sale of our Mutual Fund Units. Can Funds provide the same?

Yes! Mutual Funds and their Registrars do provide the same on request. Statements would reflect the gains along with indexation. Investors can directly use the Investor Mailback facility through Registrar websites to receive such statements at their email ids.

I have been reading about a Common Account Statement. Please explain.

Many Mutual Funds have joined together in an initiative to send one consolidated transaction statement to investors, consolidating investor initiated financial transactions across the participating Mutual Funds during the month. However, it may be noted that this statement will only contain the transactions in the Funds during the period of the statement and not all details of all your holdings. Currently this is send monthly with the transactions of the previous month reflecting.

For example if you are holding schemes in A, B, C, D Mutual Funds and have made a purchase in A and C Mutual Funds in the month, you will get one statement at the end of the month giving details of only the transactions done in A and C.

Can I get the regular Mutual Fund Account Statement of the particular Fund at any time?

You can get the regular statement for your folios in a Mutual Fund at any time on request. Hard and soft copies are available for investors on demand.

To get a physical copy of any particular Fund, investors may walk-in to the Service Centre of the Registrar / AMC and after giving identity proof get a copy of the statement across the counter. Alternately investors may email the Registrar or AMC or call the toll-free numbers and request for a physical or soft copy of the statement to be sent.

Is a one-view portfolio valuation statement available to view my portfolio at a glance?

Investors who have registered their email ids in their folios can get a portfolio valuation statement using the Mailback facility at the Registrar's website.  This statement would give the most recent status of the Portfolio emailed back on demand to the registered email address. It contains portfolio details giving balances by security, cost value, market value, period of holding and return on investment. An asset allocation chart is also included. This can be used as a one-view family portfolio statement for your mutual fund investments.

To try this, visit -> Online Services for Investors -> Mailback Services -> Portfolio Valuation Statement

Consolidated Summary Statement:

In addition to the portfolio valuation statement, if your email id is registered in your folios and you want a Consolidated Summary Statement showing just balances as on a particular date, the same is available on demand using the Mailback facility mentioned above. Among the statements available, select the Consolidated Account Statement (across Registrars) and choose either the summary or detailed statement. The summary statement gives only the balances and valuation on a particular date e.g. 31st March, 2011 while the detailed statement is the consolidated account statement giving transaction details across all folios and funds and investors.

Contributed by CAMS Viveka, an Investor Education Initiative from CAMS. The views expressed are general practices in the Mutual fund industry.


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