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NASSCOM Summit: Mukesh Ambani's 10 tips on how to make startups work

Here is a gist of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani's keynote in 10 tips to budding entrepreneurs who wish to solve India's problems with the aid of technology.

NASSCOM Summit: Mukesh Ambani's 10 tips on how to make startups work

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Speaking at the annual NASSCOM India Leadership Forum held in Mumbai, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani in his keynote address talked about the most important things startups should focus on.

Here are 10 tips for budding entrepreneurs that according to him will differentiate the successful startups from the unsuccessful ones.


1. Solve a problem that actually does good in some way. Financial returns are actually the byproduct of that.


2. If you only focus on financials returns, chances are that you would not become great. 


3. If you are in a job, you are a manager. If you are an entrepreneur, you will figure things out.


4. Find a problem you are passionate about and then solve it.


5. Failures are just steps before you succeed. 


6. Treat your investors’ money even more carefully than your own.


7. It is very important to align the team passionately with your own mission.

8. Without a team, you cannot do anything.

9. A good entrepreneur is always an optimist and always spreads positivity.

10. Never give up. 

Disclosure: Reliance Industries owns Network18, which publishes Moneycontrol.

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