• Vedanta set for next tiff with shareholders on Cairn merger

    Vedanta set for next tiff with shareholders on Cairn merger  

    11 Jun 2015, 1.31 pm  |  Source:

    Should Vedanta propose a merger, the ensuing howls of protest from Cairn India’s minority shareholders will be nothing new to the promoters...

  • Nifty defending 8,000 Mark

    Nifty defending 8,000 Mark   

    11 Jun 2015, 12.32 pm  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

    Selling pressure mounts on Dalal Street as the Nifty threatens to break the crucial 8,000 mark but interestingly the Nifty has defended the 8,000 mark...

  • Market may extend gain

    Market may extend gain   

    11 Jun 2015, 8.26 am  |  Source:

    We have woken up to very strong global cues; US Markets have rallied more than a percent so that will help the markets continue with the rally that we...

  • Market will defend 8000 level

    Market will defend 8000 level   

    10 Jun 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    At that 8,000 level where we are standing right now, it is an important resistance level, there has been a fair amount of build up as well in the futu...

  • India may face $3.8 bn outflow if China A enters MSCI

    India may face $3.8 bn outflow if China A enters MSCI  

    09 Jun 2015, 12.34 pm  |  Source:

    India's current weightage is 7.49 percent and China’s is 24.88 percent in the MSCI EM index. Post inclusion, India's weight may reduce to 7.13 perce...

  • Expect market to remain a bit subdued

    Expect market to remain a bit subdued   

    08 Jun 2015, 8.49 am  |  Source:

    Going forward as well the market is expected to remain a bit subdued, they could correct some more....

  • See poor opening; eyes on Greece

    See poor opening; eyes on Greece   

    05 Jun 2015, 8.52 am  |  Source:

    For today the SGX is indicating that it could be a start in the red and that is primarily because of what we are seeing in the global markets. So, for...

  • Below 8000, Nifty may dip to 7600

    Below 8000, Nifty may dip to 7600   

    04 Jun 2015, 8.40 am  |  Source:

    The problem for the markets is there are no real upside trigger. Earnings were weak and earnings recovery is still perhaps a few quarters away....

  • Support for Nifty at 8000

    Support for Nifty at 8000   

    03 Jun 2015, 8.42 am  |  Source:

    Yesterday turned out to be a terrible session for our market. We collapsed nearly 2.5 percent on the Nifty, the banks were under-performing, down clos...

  • At 0% growth, FY15 earnings a picture of disaster

    At 0% growth, FY15 earnings a picture of disaster  

    02 Jun 2015, 3.57 pm  |  Source:

    The complete overestimation of the previous fiscal’s earnings growth also underscores the perils of relying on market forecasts based on earnings pr...

  • Market before policy

    Market before policy   

    02 Jun 2015, 9.00 am  |  Source:

    Bsically everyone has gone into credit policy event in a wait and watch mode. All eyes will be on that....

  • Tuesday `day of reckoning` for current rally: Udayan

    Tuesday 'day of reckoning' for current rally: Udayan   

    01 Jun 2015, 9.22 am  |  Source: CNBC-TV18

    CNBC-TV18 consulting editor Udayan Mukherjee believes the market has fully priced in a 25 basis points rate cut from the RBI on Tuesday and to move th...

  • New series – new start

    New series – new start   

    29 May 2015, 8.35 am  |  Source:

    As far as the overall trend for the market is concerned, I would be watching out for further sale off in China because if that happens that is good ne...

  • Expiry today

    Expiry today   

    28 May 2015, 8.40 am  |  Source:

    Today is expiry day and that is the most important cue, forget about everything else because for the Nifty it is a battle of 8,300. Yesterday if it wa...

  • Bulls beware

    Bulls beware   

    27 May 2015, 8.44 am  |  Source:

    It is a perfect cocktail for bears right now and they are going to come in this market after being cornered for better part of last one month, they ar...

  • Rangebound market trade seen

    Rangebound market trade seen   

    26 May 2015, 8.41 am  |  Source:

    As we enter into today, a couple of things are important. One is this 8,450 level on the Nifty, which proves to be a key resistant zone; up until expi...

  • Expiry week- advantage bulls?

    Expiry week- advantage bulls?   

    25 May 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    The global markets are supporting, there is foreign institutional investors (FII) buying albeit in a small number but there is quite a bit of FII buyi...

  • Will buy on dips continue?

    Will buy on dips continue?   

    22 May 2015, 8.43 am  |  Source:

    This is a market in which you want to play stocks, you want to buy stocks and have your stop losses and that is going to make money clearly. This is a...

  • Above 8450, Nifty may go to 8550

    Above 8450, Nifty may go to 8550   

    21 May 2015, 8.50 am  |  Source:

    Thursday morning premarket set up again looks quite good to be honest because if you take a look at what is happening, this rally has caught a lot of ...

  • Can Nifty breakout?

    Can Nifty breakout?   

    20 May 2015, 8.34 am  |  Source:

    Market right now is having a good time, all the dips are being bought and even though there is a bit of intraday volatility that is seeping in if some...

  • Will Nifty hold 8300?

    Will Nifty hold 8300?   

    19 May 2015, 8.46 am  |  Source:

    The only thing is that the midcap earnings haven’t really been too disappointing; the fear was that as you entered the second half of the season the...

  • Can midcap outperformance continue?

    Can midcap outperformance continue?   

    18 May 2015, 8.56 am  |  Source:

    Nifty junior has a good chance of reaching a new highs or reaching a new life time high rather because it is within three percent of a new high....

  • All about midcaps

    All about midcaps   

    15 May 2015, 8.34 am  |  Source:

    What a volatile market we have seen and it is going to continue because there are two or three things, one - the India VIX is at the cusp of a breakou...

  • Volatility to continue

    Volatility to continue   

    14 May 2015, 8.30 am  |  Source:

    The premarket set up this morning is very interesting. If you are the one who is faint-hearted, this market is not for you. This is a market, which is...

  • Can market bounce back?

    Can market bounce back?   

    13 May 2015, 8.31 am  |  Source:

    There was quite a bit of Call buying yesterday and the Nifty futures discount premium is the lowest we have seen. So there is a good chance that this ...

  • Will Nifty hold 8000 mark?

    Will Nifty hold 8000 mark?   

    12 May 2015, 4.37 pm  |  Source:

    Nifty ended the day down close to 200 points and gave away most of the gains in the last two trading sessions. It remains to be seen whether Nifty can...

  • Short covering done, what next?

    Short covering done, what next?   

    12 May 2015, 8.36 am  |  Source:

    The Nifty needs to hold the 200 DMA for starters 8,286 and build above that 8,300 or so. In terms of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) data what i...

  • How much more for short covering bounce?

    How much more for short covering bounce?   

    11 May 2015, 8.58 am  |  Source:

    As of now on the current evidence you will have to say that this is a short covering bounce. Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) are using rallies ...

  • Bull market isn`t over, Sensex to rediscover its mojo

    Bull market isn't over, Sensex to rediscover its mojo  

    08 May 2015, 3.59 pm  |  Source:

    After Wednesday’s 723-point drop, around noon on Friday the index was up by 430 points, living it up on the right side of Mount 27K....

  • Short covering bounce likely today

    Short covering bounce likely today   

    08 May 2015, 8.54 am  |  Source:

    Almost every stock future is trading at a discount and you have started to see reverse arbitrage. All these at times especially if you are in bull mar...

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