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Moneycontrol News Archive : 14 April, 2010

  • Western forecasts signal good monsoon in India

    14th April, 2010 16:45

    Weather scientists from the United States and Britain expect normal monsoon rains in India this year, reinforcing the top local forecaster's view that chances of a

  • What attracted Ajay Piramal to pharma business? 

    14th April, 2010 16:00

    Ajay Piramal’s story is a story a remarkable business transformation, from textile magnet to becoming one of India’s largest pharmaceutical manufactures. In an exc

  • When investing, time`s not always on your side

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    As retirement beckons, the generation that embraced the Rolling Stones' 1964 hit "Time Is On My Side", find themselves singing a different tune — more along the li

  • Obama-led nuclear summit vows new safeguards

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    US President Barack Obama secured a pledge from world leaders on Tuesday for concerted action to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on nuclear material th

  • Geithner says will push China on fair trade rules

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday the Obama administration will push China forcefully to open its markets and maintain fair trading rules

  • Erratic monsoon baffles forecasters

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    Predicting monsoon rains, vital for India's farm output and economic growth, remains a challenge for the country as its forecasting skills are inadequate, scientis

  • Jaswant Singh calls for talks with Pakistan

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    Former Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh on Tuesday called on Pakistan and India to relaunch a tentative peace process suspended after a 2008 militant attack on India

  • Wal-Mart seen squeezed in midst of mixed recovery

    14th April, 2010 07:54

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc may find itself in an uncomfortable place in the "new normal" of the US economy, getting squeezed in the middle as some customers trade up whil

  • Fed's Bernanke stresses need for financial literacy

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday that it was more important than ever for people to become financially knowledgeable so they can make sound de

  • Indian exchange operator delays Bahrain bourse start

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    The Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX), owned by Indian exchange operator Financial Technologies Ltd, will delay its launch date until October due to sluggish market

  • 3G bids up 31% from base on fourth day

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    One provisional winning bid for national cover in the third-generation (3G) spectrum auction rose 31% from the base to touch Rs 4582 crores (USD 1.03 billion) on

  • Obama confident on Pakistan atomic program security

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he is confident of the security of Pakistan's nuclear programs

  • Intel's knock-out Q2 props up tech sector hopes

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    Intel Corp's sales and margin forecasts trounced Wall Street expectations, reinforcing hopes for an acceleration in the tech sector's recovery and boosting the chi

  • Obama hopes for yuan move, but China pushes back

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that China had yet to set a timetable for reforming the yuan despite "frank" conversations with President Hu Jintao and a Ch

  • White House meddles in swaps reform: key senator

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    The Obama administration is politicising financial reform and creating obstacles to bipartisan action to regulate the USD 450 trillion market in over-the-counter d

  • US markets end with moderate gains

    14th April, 2010 07:53

    US stocks eked out a gain on Tuesday as investors looked ahead to earnings from big banks and tech bellwethers, even as disappointing revenue from Alcoa Inc acted

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