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Moneycontrol News Archive : 9 April, 2005

  • Stocks to watch: VXL, Rajarathan

    9th April, 2005 13:17

    Maulik Sharedalal of Kaji and Maulik Securities feels the two mid-cap companies are great turnaround stories. Infosys valuations need a sound guidance to stay wher

  • US rates to decide Indian markets: Dayal

    9th April, 2005 12:55

    Rising US interest rates will determine the direction of the markets, says Ajit Dayal of Quantum Advisors. Meanwhile, hedge funds are being gradually replaced by l

  • Sector watch: Steel, Technology

    9th April, 2005 12:33

    Analysts discuss the steel and technology sector. The steel sector, though has been a bull story, may not hold impressive numbers for too long and analysts say tha

  • Mc Dowell umbrella brand grew 22.4%

    9th April, 2005 11:55

    Mc Dowell's umbrella brand comprising whiskey, rum and brandy at 15.6 million cases grew 22.4% over 02-03.

  • Indian IT upbeat on Jiabao's Bangalore trip

    9th April, 2005 11:47

    The IT majors in Bangalore are upbeat about Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao's visit to the city, even ahead of Delhi. Jiabao is slated to meet the TCS chief S Ramadora

  • Crude slips in biggest decline since August

    9th April, 2005 11:24

    Crude oil prices fell for a fifth day in New York, the longest decline since August. Players are bettng that US inventories will be sufficient to meet increased de

  • India's forex reserves at $141.2bn

    9th April, 2005 12:55

    India's forex reserves are up $297 million at $141.2 billion for the week ended April 1.

  • Markets won't fall by 1000 pts: Sharedalal

    9th April, 2005 12:46

    Maulik Sharedalal says, the markets are expected to show a downside, but it will not be as severe as a 1000 points slide that some have projected. Results season m

  • Pope John Paul laid to rest at St Peter's

    9th April, 2005 12:00

    Pope John Paul, the second was buried in a crypt under St Peter's Basilica yesterday after a funeral mass watched by millions of people around the world.

  • Mercator Lines raises $60mn via FCCBs

    9th April, 2005 11:49

    Mercator Lines Limited, MLL, has raised a sum of $ 60 million (Rs 270 crore) via placement of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, FCCBs.

  • ICAI rule on VAT to bring down bottomline

    9th April, 2005 11:31

    The ICAI, has changed the way VAT will be accounted for by companies, which will bring down the topline but leave the bottomline unaffected.

  • Wall Street ends lower, Dow down 85 points

    9th April, 2005 10:46

    US stocks slipped as investors took profits even as oil prices continued to fall, ending week of gains. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 85 points to 10,461.

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