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Shares in non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) gained ground Friday after the Raghuram Rajan-led Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last evening issued final guidelines for allowing the set up of payment banks and small finance banks in the country.
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"Recapitalisation is the last piece of the turnaround jigsaw puzzle. There is activity going on, but I can't talk about it. We are not allowed to give anymore details, but there is activity," SpiceJet Chief Operating Officer Sanjiv Kapoor told reporters.
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Network 18 learns that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has prepared a Cabinet note that advocates a change in the decade old "five-twenty" rule the governs overseas flying operations.
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The offer would allow customers avail 50 percent discount on available fares for travel in two phases - between October 28 and December 15 this year and from January 15 till March 31 next year.
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Auto companies, academics and government agencies globally are working to develop cameras, sensors, radar and other technologies that allow vehicles and surrounding infrastructure like stoplights to alert each other about nearby driving conditions.
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The FDI liberalisation in the sector would help in modernisation and expansion of railway projects. However, FDI will not be allowed in train operations and safety. Earlier, FDI was allowed only in Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) systems.
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According to sources, about 7-8 requests for premium restructuring are coming for consideration by the NHAI Board today.
May 23, 2014 at 16:06 | Source: PTI
According to sources, about 7-8 requests for premium restructuring are coming for consideration by the NHAI Board today.
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The open offer has been priced at Rs 3030 per share, which is a 22.5% premium to the price at which Diageo last acquired USL shares on 31st January 2014, and a 20% premium to the 60 day VWAP for USL.
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Quadricycles are viewed by stakeholders as being safer than 3-wheelers (autorikshaws). They have fully enclosed structure with hard top and doors, although their maximum speed and engine capacity are lower than a small car.
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A joke govt is continuing for last so many years Rs800/- tax free for transport allowance& only 15,000/- for medical reimbursement.

10.55 AM Feb 11th


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of government staff cars and transport vehicles being used by families of government officials who are getting transport allowance ..and for heavens sake do not send wrong messages on a policy and implement diesel hike on a fixed date, stop this pogrom of government advertisements, reduce budgets and rope

4.40 PM Jun 24th 2013

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Atleast transport allowance should be increased to Rs. 2000 per month if others are not considered..Today fuel cost has increased significantly as compare to prices in 1998...

7.44 PM Feb 4th 2013


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Transport allowance to salaried employees is tax free. Railway pensioners get monthly transport allowance along with pension, if the rly health unit is more than 2.5 Km from their residence. Is it tax free?

7.35 PM Jul 17th 2012


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Netdo: You have been mentioning $2 per day for quite a while now. I am not able to find any. My housemaid earns a basic pay of 50c per hour, in addition to transport allowance, food and generous gifts in cash and kind on festivals. Carpenters and masons earn Rs.500-600 a day, but they are strict

5.15 AM Jan 12th 2012

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