Tax Free Bonds

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Never confuse between pre-tax returns and post tax- returns. Also compare returns taking into account the tax slab the individual falls in.
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The funds will be raised from domestic as well as external sources through issuance of tax-free bonds under private placement in 2016-17. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd in a BSE filing today said the company will hold an Annual General Meeting "on September 15, 2015 to raise funds up to Rs 14,000 crore."
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Not all gifts attract income tax. Know the rules that decide tax treatment of gifts.
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The company further said that it targeted raising Rs 300 crore through the bonds but the bids were received for Rs 2,175 crore for placing the bonds on private placement route.
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Contrary to general perception, debt investments are exposed to risks. Never ignore these risks. Also keep a track of post tax returns.
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Know the mistakes generally committed by the investors and then try to avoid committing them.
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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill was considered low-hanging fruit among free-market reforms as it has rare bipartisan support. But it fell victim to a political impasse over allegations of impropriety against Modi's cabinet and party colleagues.
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Bankers have said there is more room to cut deposit rates which can help bring down lending rates, but fear that competing savings instruments like PPF and tax-free bonds will limit their ability
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The government is likely to consider and approve Gold Monetisation Scheme in the next few weeks, which proposes to offer tax-free interest to individual on depositing the yellow metal with banks.
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Balanced funds invest around 70% of the money in equities and rest in bonds. This may not the in line with 50:50 exposure to bonds and shares the investor desires.
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Naturally, he will say that, since PSU bank FDs and other taxable instruments are at a disadvantage relative to tax free bonds. But then again, with Sonia Gondhi herself investing 10 lakhs (at least) in tax free bonds (which certificates she apparently misplaced and took out a public advertisement

2.39 PM Jul 7th 2014


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will be taxed either at 10% without indexation benefit or @ 20% with indexation benefit. Dividend on shares Rs. 3000 will be shown in Schedule EI. Interest from HUDCO tax free bonds also will be shown in SChedule EI, Fill up the form ITR 2 (on line) and you will know whether you have to pay any tax.

10.36 AM Jul 7th 2014


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in Wipro.. I would invest all the 588Cr in tax free bonds 8.5% and get 49.98cr every year.. which would then be invested in wipro or other great companies.. Wipro with a dividend yield of just 1.3% .. is way too low.. return for such a great amount of money.. and doing this of getting yearly interest

10.24 AM Jun 26th 2014


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Dear Sreeni, Income Tax Exemption u/s 54EC in respect of Long Term Capital Gains is available with respect to investment in REC / NHAI Capital Gain Bonds. But, Interest Receivable on such bonds are Taxable, and not exempted. TAX FREE Bonds are different, wherein Interest is Tax Free

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approval for tax free bond coming soon

1.31 PM May 19th 2014

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1000lakh cr. x 11 states ,not a big amount for the development of the nation,,,,The real infra work.Work for lot of people and from foreign also/internal fund raising INCOME TAX FREE bonds will pour in.SEE BJP`S NEGATIVE ROLE...RIL can take up such projects and finish

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If I sell some tax free bonds and make short term capital gain, can it be set off against carried forwrd short term losses in equities

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Good article. But what needs to be added here is that if the amount earned (e.g. interest earned from tax free bonds) is reinvested, the interest accrued from that would form a part of wife`s (spouse as the case may be) income. And hence one would be able to shift this amount to the lower tax

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Shallu... these debentures come with lower coupon rates as they are tax free bond. Mainly targeted at tax savers and risk free investors. While I don`t get info on the interest rate offered on these bonds, I think it will be around 8% as it is tax free. That should provide REC a decent spread.

11.45 AM Apr 30th 2014

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Tax free bonds are good but they are not always available

1.21 PM Apr 22nd 2014

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