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Banks have their reservations as well. With housing prices going up constantly and banks having a good deal of NPAs, lenders also evaluate the property and the borrowers profile before handing out loans.
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The year for the base of indexation has been brought forward to April 2001 which means that any asset bought before this date can calculate the cost as either as actual cost or the value as on this date whichever is higher.
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Shell companies, stock brokers, beneficiaries and operators allegedly laundered more than Rs 10,000 crore in Mumbai alone by manipulating listed penny stocks to claim bogus long term capital gain, according to a report in The Indian Express.
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Watch the interview of Mayur Shah Partner EY and Chetan Chandak of H&R Block with Surabhi Upadhyay on CNBC-TV18, in which they shared their views on ways to avail tax benefits and deductions to minimise tax pain before financial year ends.
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V K Sharma, chairman, LIC said that they are a contrarian player in the markets. He added that equity usually forms 12 percent of their total investable assets.
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As per the income tax laws, any profit on sale or transfer of your house or land becomes taxable, in the year in which you transfer the same. As per the Transfer of Property R
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that he wants to see "very significant" tax reform passed before Congress' August recess, in what could prove a tough task as lawmakers work through a complex agenda.
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German drugs and pesticides maker Bayer forecast a year without earnings growth for its agricultural products business on Wednesday, as it seeks to complete its USD66 billion deal to take over U.S. seeds giant Monsanto.
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Extant tax benefit has been extended with the tax free relief available if a person withdraws an amount before the end or closure of their account if this is not more than 25 percent of the amount that has been contributed by the individual to the account.
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Income tax authorities have specified deadlines for many actions. If you follow the rules, you stand to gain in terms of saving on income tax and peace of mind.
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Lycos Internet  

Lycos made 600 cr profit but why no the question many are asking: Here is the reason: Net Profit Before Tax 6,00,12,51,806 Cash Flow from Operating Activities 4,25,53,46,986 Income Taxes paid 1,81,83,14,096 Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities A 2,43,70,32,890 Net cash from investing

2.49 PM Mar 24th


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GM Breweries  

based on a profit before tax of 75 crs , the EPS current year will be 42 as against last years 50. the last year price was 1200. hence should croos 600 by month end . we can also expect 25 % dividend as is the practise last few years. good luck.

1.46 PM Mar 20th


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GM Breweries  

the last two years profit before tax of gmb is as follows fy 15--28.47 cr . fy 16 -87.80 cr, fy 17 - expected 75 crores. . hence the price should touch 600 by month end ,

12.49 PM Mar 20th


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Tamil Newsprint  

Over-reacted to the news. Near six lakhs shares are cornered by strong investors at low prices. TNPL already earned Cash Profit before tax of Rs.389 crores till Dec 16. In current Q4, it is going to add another Rs.150 crores. TNPL is going to report Cash Profit before Tax of Rs.500 crores (record

3.13 PM Mar 9th


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Aksh Optifibre  

On a sale of 123 cr Aksh has a profit before tax of 5.00cr. What kind of profit margin is that?? Pathetic. That is 4%. Something not right here. This is supposed to be hi tech industry or are there just too many players for few orders .

1.57 PM Mar 7th


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3i Infotech  

3i has posted 44.3 crores of consolidated profits before tax and forex treatments over sales of 248 crores in Q3... This is a bit short of 20%..Company has posted marginal rise in topline (maiden increase after CDR enrollment) despite the fact that revenue loss from ICICI contracts had severely

2.10 PM Mar 5th


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Schneider Pres  

Results Comparison for various quarters--December 2016, Sept 2016 and December 2015--Sales Rs 98 crores (39 crores, 61 crores); Profit before Tax 654 lakhs (34 lakhs, 362 lakhs); Net Profit 511 lakhs (21 lakhs , 272 lakhs); EPS 8.44 (0.34, 4.50).. Results are too good. Market cap approx 120 crore

11.42 AM Feb 24th


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Rama Steel Tube  

FY17 and was in line with our estimates. During the quarter, net sales increased by 40.4% to Rs 668 mn (Rs 475mn – 3Q FY16). In 3Q FY17, EBITDA grew by 44.1% to Rs 60 mn (Rs 42 mn – 3Q FY16) while the EBITDA margin stood at 9.0%. Profit before tax (PBT) increased substantially by 68.1% to Rs 35 mn

12.05 PM Feb 17th


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Sybly Ind  

Sybly Industries Ltd (Sybly) reported healthy set of numbers yesterday. However, the demonetisation impact was clearly visible on the revenue for the quarter ending December 2016. Profit before Tax (Including Other Income) stood at Rs. 1.87 crs vs loss of 0.57 crs during quarter ending Dec 2016

1.36 PM Feb 16th


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Intense Tech  

8 cr profit before tax.

5.55 PM Feb 13th

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