Power Of Compounding

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Always remember that one must start saving and investing as early as possible to reap benefits once you take control of your financial destiny.
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Markets by their very nature are impossible to predict. With all the known information already factored in, it is extremely difficult to forecast where things will move next in the short term.
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Start early to unleash the power of compounding on your investments.
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In this episode of NSE FinWiz, we have decided to take you to the skies inside the hangars of Indias most popular airlines in the countrys busiest city, the Jet Airways Hangar, Mumbai.
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Here are some applications of the compounding equation that many people do not know much about it.
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The National Stock Exchange of India has been actively involved with initiatives to educate the young generation of our country on the importance of financial management.
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Understanding the time value of money can help secure your future.
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Living post an age, where income is not possible or is a trickle, can be a fairly tricky thing. Hence, you need to plan for retirement early.
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The reason why Mutual Funds are great tool for investments because of the power of compounding. Read on to know more.
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Focus on your money matters can help you prepare better for the dream of financial freedom.
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world investor

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Bombay Burmah  

IOC recommended on 29.5.2015 at Rs.370 rose to Rs.640 and gave a bonus of 1:1 on 18.10.2016 and 2 interim dividends RS.18 recently. IOC has given a return of over 105% in less than 18 months and has risen back to Rs.400. Will go higher so stay invested as the power of compounding can give huge

4.54 PM Apr 7th


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Kiri Industries  

Rajandraji, i have traded heavily in futures & also made close to 23 lakhs, however for last 3 years i have invested patiently in 15-20 scripts & increased my stock portfolio to 90 Lakhs from mere 10 Lakhs in 2014 start. power of compounding & increasing wealth gives huge satisfaction. my trading

12.54 PM Apr 7th

rv thottathil

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Power of compounding is the eighth wonder of the world..........

2.17 PM Apr 5th


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Cadila Health  

, the power of compounding comes in by definition when you are invested for multiple years. To underscore that point Warren Buffett who is USD 65 billion odd today was actually USD 1 billion when he was 53 or 54 years old. So, the power of compounding from 53 years to 85 years and in a private conversation he

3.38 PM Mar 5th


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Ujaas Energy  

Totally irrelevant. You cant understand the power of compounding.

12.04 PM Mar 1st


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Balasore Alloys  

You got it..!!! But know that you may miss big gains in some stocks. That pains but that`s not important. 100% of the importance lies in the surety of portfolio growth - years on, to bring in the power of compounding.

12.56 PM Feb 6th


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MF Investment Help  

u can`t time like that.. remember mf need time to grow. You sud give solid time to enjoy power of compounding. If you want to make ptofit based on event, go for equity directly with appropriate research or help with professionals.

10.57 PM Jan 31st


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castrol is for low risk moderate returns kind of an investment, long term benefits of investing in this stock will be immense since the power of compounding will definitely make moderate returns become very large.

11.50 PM Dec 5th 2016


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Globe Stocks  

long term .. buy Ashok Leyland .. an have faith in the power of compounding .. the company has signed the contract with Ivory Coast that it will deliver 3000 buses by the end of 2017

3.15 PM Oct 26th 2016


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Dharani Sugars  

then sit back relax and seem power of compounding

3.33 PM Oct 19th 2016

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