Dec 19, 2014 at 12:44 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Agarwal says the tax will lead to sharp reduction in the number of corporate warehouses. He sees logistic costs shrinking to 10 percent of GDP from 14 percent at present, because of GST
Dec 16, 2014 at 13:56 | Source:
As the year rolls around to a close, carmakers, like every year, have come out with a slew of mouth-watering discounts in a bid to clear their year-end inventory.
Dec 16, 2014 at 08:22 | Source: CNBC-TV18
The OMCs have not passed on the entire benefit to consumers as they are retaining the cushion to make up for losses which have been made on crude inventories as these companies had also purchased crude when prices were much higher- almost over USD 100 per barrel.
Dec 02, 2014 at 15:24 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Rajiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Auto says the companys inventory level currently stands at 4-5 weeks and it will meet its 4 lakh unit sales target by the fiscal-end.
Nov 28, 2014 at 11:25 | Source: CNBC-TV18
NBCC chairman Anup Mittal expects real estate business revenue to surpass Rs 300 crore in H2FY15 amid higher levels of inventory selling.
Nov 27, 2014 at 13:16 | Source: MakaanIQ
In a situation when lakhs of homes are unsold in the country, the builders and developers daily role out freebies in a hope to clear out the unsold inventory
Nov 27, 2014 at 10:00 | Source: Reuters
"Crude oil prices declined... Saudi Arabia for the first time provided a firmer stance on their view on cutting production, indicating they believe the oil market will stabilise itself," ANZ bank said in a morning note on Thursday.
Nov 24, 2014 at 17:47 | Source: PTI
IOC's second quarter earnings were weak "because of lower refining margins and inventory valuation losses," Moody's Investor Service said in a report.
Nov 18, 2014 at 15:25 | Source:
With reference to the earlier letter dated November 03, 2014 regarding shut down of Company's Plant from November 03, 2014 to November 18, 2014, Insilco Ltd has now informed BSE that the Plant is likely to remain shut down till November 27, 2014, due to high inventory and low sales volume.
Nov 17, 2014 at 08:26 | Source: CNBC
On Thursday, in its weekly inventory report, the US Department of Energy reported that oil production in the United States rose to its highest level in 29 years to just over 9 million barrels per day.
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Suzlon Energy  

I am already seeing how he is delivering - Promised to help poor, the needy people and now I am seeing what he is upto Increasing all fares, Increasing up the housing loan claim limit up which is only to benefit the sellers to clear off their inventory that they have built and having not managed

4.30 PM Jul 8th


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The American Petroleum Institute will release its inventories report later in the day, while Wednesday’s government report could show crude stockpiles fell by 2.7 million barrels in the week ended July 4.

3.53 PM Jul 8th


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any how before inventory crude will test 6157/56 can be more D

3.41 PM Jul 8th


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GTL Infra  

Fixed Assets The Fixed Asset block (Net block Capital Work In Progress) as on March 31, 2013 is ` 4,015.77 Cr. (US$ 736.70 Mn.). The Capital work-in-progress comprises mainly of capital goods inventory, pre-operative and carrying costs.

1.00 PM Jul 8th


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inventory ?????????

2.44 PM Jul 7th


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Just Posted  

11) Quick Ratio What you need: Balance Sheet The formula: Quick Ratio = (Current Assets - Inventory) / Current Liabilities What it means: The quick ratio (also known as the acid-test ratio) is similar to the quick ratio in that it`s a measure of how well a company can meet its short

12.43 PM Jul 7th

C A Chaturvedi

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Gitanjali Gems  

Jewellery demand picking up with monsoons reviving in India. Huge potential if gold import duties are cut from 10% presently. Will help free up gold from inventories of stockists who are hoarding gold, hence import won`t be necessary to supply to genuine jewellers like Gitanjali and Tanishq

10.29 AM Jul 7th


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Rei Agro  

Agreed , this may be the leftover they have in their Dubai inventory , as I said to me this is a " CLOSING DOWN SALE " , DUKAAN BAND.

8.17 PM Jul 5th


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Lloyd Electric  

what i hav noticed from lloyds 2014 balance sheetspecially the cash flow statement is not favourable to give liberal dividends.entire cash flow is hiding in the form of receivables,inventories etc and cash generated is nil in previous year also.we must think seriously about it before beeing happy

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The ebbing of supply disruptions concerns in the Middle East have largely overshadowed what was a surprisingly bullish US inventories report, which yielded short-lived spike for WTI (reaction below). Data released by the US Department of Energy revealed a much higher-than-anticipated drawdown

7.25 PM Jul 4th

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