Income Fund Returns

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The scheme focuses on generating absolute returns by investing in equities. The fund's theme is to take the volatility risk of MIP but deliver the returns of Nifty Index.
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Direct Plans in Mutual Funds are best for those who want to increase mutual fund returns by investing directly through AMC and want to do documentation on their own.
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Current trend of lower interest rates is expected to continue. Expect stronger GDP growth next year and rupee to depreciate against US dollar.
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Equity Mutual Funds ended positive as market ended at fresh record closing high on Thursday, gaining for the sixth consecutive session ahead of European Central Bank meeting outcome later in the day.
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Edelweiss Mutual Fund announces dividend under Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund and Edelweiss ELSS Fund, the record date for dividend is January 27, 2015.
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Mutual Funds NAVs closed with positive returns as the market gained for the fifth consecutive session on Wednesday by taking consistent support from stocks like HDFC , Infosys , HUL and SBI.
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Equity and debt Mutual Funds advanced as the equity benchmarks surged to record highs Tuesday among growing perception that India is the best placed among emerging markets because of its improving macro economic fundamentals.
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Investors get carried away by short term performance of asset classes. After the expected returns do not materialise, there is a tendency to blame the external factors such as advisor's influence than lack of home work by the investor himself.
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Multi-asset funds offer you exposure to asset classes such as equity, debt and gold and in turn attempt to offer good risk adjusted returns. The funds however are treated like debt fund for the purpose of tax. In the long term these funds can be used to achieve a financial goal where one has to invest across asset classes.
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If youve been putting off taking that home loan because you were waiting for a rate cut.. well help is at hand! The Reserve Bank has gone ahead and cut the repo rate by 25 bps so, what does it mean for borrowers like you and me?
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Over the last 10 years the average annual inflation rate in the US was 3.3%, a total stock index fund returned 4.54% per annum, a bond index fund returned 5.3% pa, a gold fund returnex 4X the stock index return and a new market (read emerging market) Income fund returned 3X the stock index fund

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