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Some important money lessons meant for individuals in twenties.
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Compared to credit cards, e-payment cards are better placed when it comes to limiting monetary loss arising out of financial frauds. They also limit your shopping expenditure to the extent of money loaded on them.
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It is said that Forewarned is often Forearmed. Knowing about credit cards can help you use it better to your advantage.
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A credit card typically comes with many charges. It is better to know them in advance to avoid rude shocks at a later stage.
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The warrants, citing an espionage, fraud and conspiracy investigation, required the web giant to hand over the phone numbers, IP addresses, credit card details, contents of all emails and other details for Google accounts used by three of WikiLeaks staffers
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Credit card debt after festival season becomes a problem for some credit card users. Here is a step by step approach that can help you come out of debt trap.
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Here are five easy to stick to resolutions that can improve your money matters in new year 2015.
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A vacation allows an individual to explore, enjoy and discover the wonderful places in the world. Let us look at how vacationing has evolved today and how companies are meeting customer demands and what should we take care of from a financial perspective.
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These resolutions are aimed at bringing greater joy and satisfaction. And to achieve satisfaction, financial well-being is essential
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Student credit cards are another customized version of credit cards that have been designed to help students avail various benefits on their spending, apart from cutting out the hassle of carrying paper money.
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Granules India  

it is for growth. I dont want risky growth. I want growth that is brought with equity, not with even 1x debt. Because my feeling is debtholders eat our equity holders money. It is like the credit card guy eating away your salary because your calculations have gone wrong on interest payments. And they will go most

3.12 PM Jul 7th 2014

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iwant to make credit card - 9811196648

12.00 PM Jul 7th 2014

HDFC Bank  

According to a Worldline India report, an entity in payments and transactional services, in the number of credit cards in the market, HDFC Bank leads with a 27 per cent share, followed by ICICI Bank at 17 per cent and SBI Cards at 15 per cent.

7.36 PM Jul 3rd 2014


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TVS Srichakra  

Tilak Ji, Well said. Today CBDT has come up on regulation on few transactions such as buying flat above 50 lac, credit card spends above 5 lac etc. With increased fuel prices, hike in rail fare and considering other inflation factor in to consideration do you see positive outlook from budget

3.48 PM Jul 3rd 2014

R Jagannathan

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know the difference between leaving a positive “cash balance” and huge unpaid liabilities which will have to be paid by the next government. A “cash balance” makes no sense if you have unpaid bills. Its like keeping money in the bank while accumulating huge debts on your credit card. The cash balance

12.40 PM Jul 3rd 2014


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ICICI Bank  

First handle the money in the Local/domestic market safely and responsibly...N number of cases in consumer forums against icici credit card online frauds. Poor security by bank leading to loss of 3D secure pin and RBI is also saying stupidly that is 3D pin was used then transaction cannot

10.30 AM Jul 1st 2014

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Source:VC Circle - Delhi-based Orangut Labs Pvt Ltd, the company behind Cardback, an Android app that provides notifications to users about various offers on their debit/credit cards on mobiles, has raised Rs 1 crore (about $170,000) through LetsVenture, an online

11.55 AM Jun 28th 2014

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Source:NDTV Profit - The credit card is a very powerful financial tool these days. But it has to be used diligently to bring you a host of benefits. Else, it can turn your life upside down. Here are occasions when you should never use your credit card to avoid a dent in

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ICICI Bank  

ICICI Bank in association with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) launched co-branded card with host of benefits for metro riders. Unifare Card combines the benefits of a debit/credit card along with a Delhi Metro Smart Card and has the added facility of auto top-up of fare balance. Out of the 24

12.17 PM Jun 26th 2014

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Do you use credit card?

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