Chandrakant Sampat

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Sampat belongs to the camp of economists and market participants who believe that easy money policies of central banks and unbridled consumerism has set the stage for increased social and financial turmoil in the days ahead.
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Veteran stock market investor Chandrakant Sampat is regarded by many as the Warren Buffett of India.
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दलाल स्ट्रीट के धुरंधर चंद्रकांत संपत की बाजार और अर्थव्यवस्था पर बेबाक राय।
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"Demise of capitalism" Last words spoken by Ace investor Chandrakant Sampat are going to come true one day. Even now when Fed is thinking about tapering QE3, ECB and Japan are printing more money with renewed vigor. Even for Fed, withdrawing QE is not going to be easy and it may unleash its own set

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Ace value investor Chandrakant Sampat sees coming of economic storm h ttp://m.moneycontrol.c om/news/market-edge/ace-value-investor-chandrakant-sampat-sees-comingeconomic-storm_913159.html?type=tn&category=&page=6

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He is rated among the country’s top stock market investors, having made his fortune by identifying shares of multinational FMCG companies when they were going cheap in the 80s. Now 85, Chandrakant Sampat looks at capital markets in general with a sense of foreboding, his belief in capitalism having

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Dear valiaji, This website carries following very Interesting & Educative Article in Main Page ( Markets/News). Ace Value Investor Mr.Chandrakant Sampat sees coming of economic storm. I tend to agree with his views inspite of being Optimistic. Please read it & share your views.

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is in the fight to grab your attention. You have to initiate a conscious effort to focus on value rather than price. As well-known investor Chandrakant Sampat (aka India’s Buffett) once said: “The future is uncertain and unpredictable. The only way to create wealth is to look at strong possibilities at great

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