Dec 18, 2014 at 09:21 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Ambareesh Baliga suggests avoiding buy on dips now as market has already broken the 8250 mark on the downside. He believes traders must reduce their positions now and refrain from buying anything new.
Dec 17, 2014 at 15:41 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Sudarshan Sukhani feels the correction in the Nifty could be deeper than we think. However, it could just be a blip in the long haul.
Dec 17, 2014 at 10:34 | Source: CNBC-TV18
According to Srivastava, it is not safe to short in this market but cutting down on profit is highly recommended. He believes there is no good buying opportunity now and buy on dips must be avoided until Budget.
Dec 16, 2014 at 20:10 | Source: CNBC-TV18
The year is almost over and you can no longer avoid planning your tax savings. Its the last window to plan your investments and our two experts Parizad Sirwalla of KPMG India and Harshvardhan Roongta of Roongta Securities will arm you with everything you need to know.
Dec 11, 2014 at 09:16 | Source: CNBC-TV18
According to Sudarshan Sukhani of one must avoid trading the banks and the Bank Nifty today if it is choppy. It is better to trade individual bank stocks than the Bank Nifty, he adds.
Dec 10, 2014 at 16:57 | Source: CNBC-TV18
According to Mehta, although the investment cycle is turning around decisively and green shoots are being seen across industries but there is no evident upswing yet.
Dec 10, 2014 at 10:00 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Walker sees China's GDP growth slowing down to 3-4 percent in 2015
Dec 10, 2014 at 09:35 | Source: Reuters
Companies will also be required to report their potential liability to the new tax, which the note said will sit outside the existing corporate tax system. That is intended to avoid legal challenges under existing tax treaties with countries like Ireland, a major conduit for shifted profits.
Dec 09, 2014 at 22:36 | Source: CNBC-TV18
Over 450 merchants offering deals that will leave the shop-a-holic in you drooling - thats the carrot Google is dangling to Indian retailers, as it gets ready to launch its Motorola nexus 6 and chromecast exclusively in India.
Dec 09, 2014 at 19:02 | Source: PTI
"Since the information regarding Indians having accounts in foreign banks which are being obtained from foreign authorities under the prevailing Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) are confidential as per the treaty provisions and the same are exempt from disclosure," the Ministry said.
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Jaiprakash Asso  

Friends lesson for me do ur technical analysis and take calls tody i shorted and earned 10% money bbh like experts are of no use here avoid them.

4.20 PM Jul 8th

Lalit Bhasin

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Kingfisher Air  

Definate why don`t u talk it out with me?? Why you avoiding my Questions???

4.08 PM Jul 8th


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Indiabulls Real  

aceived second target also. Tomorrow it can hit 83 levels. But buying should be avoided before budget.

3.03 PM Jul 8th


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Market Strategy - Day Trading  

own SL/hedge. 2. Avoid Boarders who is spamming with fake IDs. Even if they rarely win also that is only based on chance (Strike rate below 10%).

2.48 PM Jul 8th


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Farsighted budget.However,Railways are loosing because of Railway employees.rampant bribing in tickets,commercial dealings and free travels have not been dealt with. Railway protection force is arrogant,inefficient and very very corrupt has also been avoided.Nothing will be achieved if concrete

2.45 PM Jul 8th


why are you avoiding the comments... you should take the responsibillity and advise asap...

2.19 PM Jul 8th

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the infrastructure should be made available for the producers and consumers directly to come in contact and avoid hoarders, agents, contractors,stockist, this can be done by providing amall market places along the national and state highways , with proper arrangements for parking , so that people

2.16 PM Jul 8th


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Tata Steel  

More fall after budget. Markets have a tendency to correct aftet budgets and this scrip may see 500 levels after budget. Better to wait and watch till budget before deciding to go long. Avoid F&O .

1.58 PM Jul 8th


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Moser Baer  

the development of high performance buildings in India and Southeast Asia. 5) India should refrain from slapping retroactive duties on solar power plants already under construction to avoid disrupting investment into the industry, a unit of the nation’s biggest industrial group said. 6) The Indian solar PV

1.48 PM Jul 8th


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Texmaco Rail  

please avoid this stock for buying.. you can short at this level. all rail stock is on lower circuit

1.29 PM Jul 8th

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