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Whatever the government does, the criminals are always two steps ahead of it especially in a world where money can be moved around at the click of a button. Hence, the more pragmatic option is to focus on policy changes back home and adopting a carrot-and-stick policy to get at least some of the money back.
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The 68th Annual Congress of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) opened last evening with a congregation of over 1500 tax delegates from across the world. This attached report by Tax Sutra, gives a summary from day 1 of the Proceedings at IFA Congress 2014, Mumbai.
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"Since taking office, Prime Minister Modi has declared India 'open for business' and promised to incentivize investment and 'give the world a favorable opportunity to trade with and produce in India,'" the Alliance for Fair Trade with India said in a letter to Obama.
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It`s important for central banks to keep interest rates low amid weak global growth but the rise in risk appetite amid ample liquidity is a concern, Zhu said.
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BP and its partners in India issued an arbitration notice to the previous government last month after the government put on hold gas price hike sought by the industry in January.
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The Narendra Modi-led BJP government's thumping election victory has driven a palpable turnaround in economic sentiment among business leaders both in and outside India.
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The highest ever turnout in an Indian general election means the highest ever turnout in any democratic process anywhere in the world. Fifty-five crore voters queued up to get their finger inked, more people than the combined population of the USA and Russia.
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A little over 180 million people were registered to vote on Thursday in the sixth phase of the world's biggest election that will end on May 16 when votes are counted from across India.
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Here are some interesting facts related to the world's largest elections - India's Lok Sabha polls
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The world's biggest-ever election is under way in India, Narendra Modi, the prime-ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), taking on the ailing ruling Congress party and several regional parties.